School and strikes and hockey and bulldogs

I’ve been too pissed-off to blog until now, so hold on to your hat. 🤠

Mainly because the education workers, i.e. support staff, librarians, janitors etc are negotiating a contract with the provincial government and the negotiations have fallen apart once already, last week, resulting in a two-day strike.

Now there’s another strike set for Monday.

I don’t know anymore what is fair and what isn’t, I stopped following all the drama. My kids, in grade 12 and 10, have already suffered enough with endless lockdowns and strike action throughout their decade-long school years and it seems nobody stands with the kids.


Claudette, mom of school aged kids in Ontario

I don’t care who does what or for how long as long as the schools remain open.

Continually closing schools is detrimentally damaging to kids.

But alas, it doesn’t appear to work like this in this godforsaken province.

Do I want all workers to have fair deals? Yes. Do I want all workers to have inflation protection? Yes.

Do I want this for everyone in every other industry? Yes, yes I do.

Do I want schools closed during labour dispute talks?

Nope. No, I do not. Definitely not.

But this is what happens. It happened during the provincial Liberal reign and it’s happening during the Conservative reign in this (repeat it with me) god-for-saken-province.


All I know is the kids are constantly out of school.

They are out of school today, as well, because it’s a designated Professional Development day. (sigh)

I’m typing this at the rink, into my phone, with one finger, if you must know. Because… my son is in a hockey tournament today. His dad, who is teaching at this moment, is the trainer on this team and unavailable to attend to the game. I was available to schlep my kid to the rink and stick around to watch him play.

This was me an hour earlier, waiting for my son to load his gear into the car.

After 13 years of hockey, this is what a 🇨🇦 hockeymom looks like. 🙃

I’m excited to watch him play! Earlier, I helped him schlep the trainer knapsacks to the dressing room. The knapsack is filled with first aid stuff mostly, and gets used semi-regularly. The team my son plays on is A non contact, but they’re big boys and the game is high speed, sometimes shit happens and they collide with each other or break their sticks in a tangle or trip and cut themselves on skates or what do I know…

Anyway, my son went ahead into the arena before I had all my stuff together, so when I got to Rink 2, I couldn’t see him. A bunch of tall boys were hanging around. I wasn’t sure if they were mine or the other team – these boys grew and changed so much in the two years of lockdown, I hardly recognize them – but I asked one of them if he was with my son. He said yes and they took the knapsack off my hands.

Now I’m sitting in the restaurant part upstairs waiting for our team to begin game 1 of 4 (two today, two tomorrow) simultaneously fantasizing about fries.

What is it about these places that makes me crave junk food? 🥴

How many years have I been to this complex… At least 10. And this is only one of many others…

Note the obvious absence of delicious greasy fries in the above pictures…🍟(I ended up not ordering any.)

I could go on and on about my excitement but I have to pee before puck drop and then I want to watch the game uninterrupted. After, I’ll feed my kid some lunch and then will head back to the burbs where my mom has graciously accepted looking after Sadie, a 9 year old French Bulldog, who I’m looking after until next week. That’s cash in pocket for me, an easy way to supplement the junk food at the rink obsession. 😛

See how fun my weekends are? lol

Thank you for stopping by and reading my little outburst.

20 thoughts on “School and strikes and hockey and bulldogs

  1. I get it. The kids are suffering and as a mom this is difficult to stomach. I taught for 15 years, my pay was a disgrace but we weren’t dependent on my income as my husband worked too. I do not know the solution but I believe we need to respect the needs of our kids and the needs of our educators and not the politicians. Hugs, C

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  2. As the daughter of a teacher and now mom of an almost teacher we have frequent political discussions about teachers and mr lecce and so on!! It’s hard to say what’s right but the kids and their parents need to come first! Also I remember that rink life – take a breath and try to enjoy this time – it seems endless but my four hockey players have all left the nest

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    1. Four hockey players! You deserve a medal!! 🙂

      Things have settled down a little except now half the family is sick. 😐

      Thank you for your comment! I hope our province can finally settled into a little sense of normal now. Sure would be nice for the families…


    1. They reached a tentative deal. 🙂

      Its not about my sanity. I’m thinking about the kids. Since March 2020 they haven’t had any sense of continuity of a normal life. Meanwhile ask the pharmaceutical companies about how much profit they’re making with the current children mental health crisis.

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    1. The kids of Ontario have been more OUT of school than IN since March 2020. Even when the numerous lockdowns stopped they restricted “normal” activity so much it impacted many children negatively to the point of it becoming a mental health crisis. I could elaborate on this but it’s pointless. I’m in it, I see it on a personal level, but I’m not going to elaborate further.

      I recognize the inadequate work conditions and salaries of the support staff in the school systems. Lesley misunderstood that I was blaming the workers. I was not. Am not.

      I simply hoped the union and the government would deal with their issues without locking the kids out of school again.

      Meanwhile as I type this, I hear there’s a tentative deal. I’m glad to hear this and still pissed off that the government tactics continue to push education workers to the point of declaring strike action which hurts the kids more than anyone else.

      Which is why I said I stand with the kids. 🤷‍♀️


  3. Teaching is a hard job. I don’t belong to any union for teachers in Florida. I did my first year and found them unhelpful when dealing with an administrator. No one stepped up to the plate for me. I benefit from the union but since I am in a right to work state, I keep trudging. To continue to be in teaching, you must look the kids, the atmosphere of being a teacher or something. When I went overseas, I met teachers from Canada and thought they were very highly paid. It benefits the parents of all places to be very involved with their children’s education, reading, and development.

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    1. The teachers were not on strike on this labour dispute. The education workers, the support staff, were in labour negotiations.

      Teachers in Canada are extremely well paid. They strikes several times while my kids were in the system. But they still struggle with large class sizes, difficulties with special needs kids who need extra attention but no staff to assist them etc. The support workers wanted a living wage etc. I never disagreed with that. They deserve that.

      The public school system is broken. The teachers and education workers are extremely dedicated and invested in the kids. But they’re working in a system that is broken.

      I can’t wait for the school years to be over.


  4. I taught school for 36 years. Unfortunately, it was in our contract that we could not strike. So as a teacher I Say that wasn’t fair. I was the Union rep for my school. So, I informed my school of what they could and couldn’t do so they wouldn’t be in violation of their contract. In our case, teachers were forced to wait until after school to protest, which quite honestly wasn’t very effective. Those who didn’t come to school violated their contract if they stayed away to protest. In my state of Florida now our current Governor is ultra conservative and even the classic books have been banned. The rights of individual students have been violated by this particular Governor and his cohorts. If I were still teaching I’d walk out. In a perfect world children need to be in school, yes. But when you have fascist leaders who are removing tried and true classics, denying the rights of people of various races and genders by right wing politicians is it any wonder that teachers have had it? When they take away art and music because the state doesn’t have appropriate funding when is enough enough? During all the years I taught nobody knew I was a liberal democrat. Why? Because my politics had nothing to do with how I presented educational information. But the world has gone crazy now. Your children will learn no matter what. Give teachers their due. Those that stay in the field of Education do it for the love of teaching not for the money. So, I say get over it and allow educators the right to earn a living wage, and to protest. I had to have two or three jobs to pay my bills. It’s easy to get angry at teachers being out of school. Get angry at politicians who cut the funds. Not the educators who are trying to inspire your children. You are blaming the wrong people.

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    1. Who am I blaming?

      I stand with the kids does not mean I agree with the gov’t tactics.

      I approve of living wages for support staff (the teachers are not on strike but supporting the education workers who are in labour dispute with the govt.)

      I’m asking the govt and the union to figure it out without locking the kids out of school again. That’s all.

      You didn’t see what the two years of virtual school did to Ontario’s youth. The lockdown after lockdown. The two other strikes in the previous years. This would be my kids 3rd school strike, and they’re 14 and 17. They missed a year and a half of in-person school and are just now back to “normal” and now a strike? For how long? That’s insane.

      I want BOTH SIDES to figure it out like adults. Without it affecting the kids again by locking them up at home and assigning “asynchronous” material. Can you imagine the parents of elementary school aged kids facing a third disruption now? They are also at a breaking point.

      I guess that’s too much to ask for the union and the govt to figure it out professionally without all these bullshit tactics.


  5. I believe in Australia TEACHERS get paid much better than their UK and US (I don’t know about Canada) counterparts. However here support staff, like the ones you mentioned, often get a completely shit deal. They only get paid during term time and their pay rate is considerably lower than teachers. The work they do is some of the most stressful in the industry.
    As a non-union member it fell to me and my non-union counterparts to supervise Young People when our union colleagues decided to strike, sometimes for the benefits of ancillary staff.
    Do I think strikes are right? For the most part yes.
    Do they cause injustice? 100% yes, that is kind of the point.
    In Australia there is currently a chronic teacher and education staff shortage as the world quietly quits. I strongly believe that the ultimate solution for this problem is not to get more teachers, or pay them more but actually change the way we educate.

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  6. I’ve never been able to come up with a decent idea on the whole strike issue. No one wants their kids to miss school, yet we know how almost everyone in the teaching profession and associated continue to be screwed over. I don’t remember strikes and walk-outs being so prominent
    or happening very often if at all when my kids were in school so I wonder how they were avoided back then. Of course that was 20 years ago…

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