Special talent: losing my pants

I lost my pants.

How does one lose pants, you ask? Well, for starters, you’d have to be me. πŸ₯΄

I was in the suburbs at my mom’s house, in my room which has two small closets, when I realized the pants were missing. Two pairs, actually; the grey jeans with the fancy ripple design in the knee area, and the black leggins with the pockets.

I looked high and low, took apart the neatly folded stacks of other pants, none of which fit me as well as those two mentioned above, and they were not there. I went downstairs and dug through the laundry basket but they were not there, either. I looked in both suitcases – the small overnight one and the larger one – which I pack whenever I visit the family house in the city or go on a trip. Not there, either.


I figured I must have left them at the city house, so when I arrived there yesterday for a quick overnight trip, the first thing I did was dig through the laundry in that house. There was no laundry in the laundry room basket. None. (How is this possible?)

I went upstairs wondering if there was laundry in the main bedroom closet where he drops his clothes to be washed. Yes, there was some, but no pants. Or, not my pants. Also, there was no basket; typically he keeps a laundry basket in the closet where he drops his washing into, but the pile of dirty socks and tshirts was on the floor, not in a basket.

Where was the basket? I know there are multiple laundry baskets in that house…

I had a lot of stuff going on out of the house that day so I abandoned the search for my grey jeans and black leggings. I wore pants that day, my black jeans, an old pair that is looking more charcoal-ish due to its age and repetitive runs through the washing machine. I mean, I had to wear some pants – not wearing pants in public could get me arrested for indecent exposure…

I went out to do my stuff, had more car trouble which landed my car in the shop again, took the other car to drop off an Etsy order at a local customer’s house, picked up a kid at school, and in between that had lunch in a bistro and coffee at a bakery with a friend. By the time I finally got my car back (unfixed, but it has a date with the mechanic again next week) (don’t even get me started) I came back to the house and started cooking for the family. The boys needed to eat because they were leaving for hockey, so I threw together a pot of pasta with sausages and veggies. (It was yummy.)

The whole time I was cooking I pondered where my pants were. I mean, there aren’t too many places where I disrobe, and even when I do πŸ˜‡πŸ˜› I typically re-robe (is that a word?) at some point in order to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure when out in the world…

Anyway. Once the dinner was ready I left it on the stove, braced myself, and entered my daughter’s room. She was late coming home due to art club at school. I thought there was a remote chance her and my clothes might have been mixed up in the last wash, and perhaps I might find my pants in her closet.

Closet…hahahahahaha! Did you know teenagers don’t put clothes in the closets? 🀯

I discovered piles of clothes all over the floor, plus TWO of the four laundry baskets that belong to that house full of laundry I wasn’t sure whether it was clean or dirty.

How can one teen girl have this much clothing? I wondered while sobbing quietly in the middle of her room.

I began to sort and clean and put away her clothes and discovered several items belonging to me, but sadly they were not the grey jeans or the black leggins. There were other leggings, similar ones, but in size M. Mine are a size L…

It took about an hour of sorting to get through the entire contents of her room, at which point I took my few items and went back upstairs. (Her room is in the basement.).

By now, I needed to respond to a few texts coming in from my mom about a situation happening in Rome (my aunt died) as well as some news coming in from my siblings in Vancouver when I noticed the big cardboard box sitting on the island counter. My new laptop had arrived and I was supposed to configure it so I could take it back to the suburbs with me today. I had almost forgotten about that what with the lost pants and the broken car and the Etsy order needing delivering and the picking up of teenagers and all the other stuff…

Let it be known I’m currently typing this blog post on my brand new computer just for you. 🀩πŸ₯³

By the time the boys left for hockey, I decided to take a shower to decompress from my hectic day. A hot shower sounded like a lovely idea. As I disrobed in one of the rooms, I opened the bottom drawer of a dresser and..

…looked directly at my neatly folded grey jeans. And beside them the neatly folded black leggings.


How come that wasn’t the first place I looked when I got here? I have no answers. But at least now I have my pants back. πŸ’ƒ


27 thoughts on “Special talent: losing my pants

  1. You DO have a special talent! You’re managing TONS and still managed to find your pants! Congratulations on the finding them and especially for your new computer! Yay! I’m glad I share talents with others. I lost a sweater in a similar story, lol!

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  2. It’s always the case, the last place you look, is the place you find the missing item! I think it’s rather complicated all the back and forth you do between city and suburbs! No wonder you loose track of things, I would be completely discombobulated. And redress might be a good word, it means remedy or set right, which applies. Love your posts! Hugs, C

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  3. That sounds like a right pain. Is funny as I read this at first with the U.K. meaning of pants, but quickly realised with the indecent exposure I was referring to a different clothing item πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. Daughters used to take my clothes on purpose πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Younger is no longer here to steal clothes, and Older is a very different size.

    I used to do the opposite of cleaning up Younger’s room. She was forever leaving clothes and dirty dishes all over the house, so I’d gather it ALL up and put it on her bed. She’d have to put everything in it’s place before she could sleep. It only took a few times and she learned.

    I’m forever setting my coffee cup down and forgetting whereπŸ€ͺ Probably because I’m constantly interrupted, and always trying to multi task.
    Hope your brother is doing okay 🀞

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  5. I constantly lose things when I don’t put them where I usually do or put something on top of it. Sometimes I feel I am losing my mind then have to stop and try to rationalize it “It didn’t just disappear . . . wait. Did it? No that’s ridiculous … Is it? Yes. Yes it is.” But I find it. eventually. Why are things always in the last place you look? Because when you find them, you stop looking.πŸ˜€

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