October energy: tarot readings, birch bark, zodiac charms and more

Do these cards resonate with you?

extended reading here: https://claudettetarot.gumroad.com/l/fyhqf

The first car, the Two of Pentacles, is kind of what I feel like these days: juggling to keep things afloat. It’s working, and I’m not tired (yet) but there isn’t much time to take a break. I anticipate this every September to October, it’s inevitable. Busiest time of year for me.

But here’s the thing. When we juggle a lot and remain in deep concentration of all the moving parts, we sometimes don’t see the turbulence coming. Look at the card, there are some very tall waves behind the juggler, and the ships are managing to stay afloat, for now, but just barely.

To me, this indicates that burnout is imminent.

Meanwhile, the Hanged Man showed up in reverse. When he shows up in the upright position, he hangs from a tree by one leg, swaying back and forth in the gentle breeze. His head is illuminated implying he has gained clarity. But now, the Hanged Man showed up in reverse position (which ironically is him standing upright on one leg) which means this:

Resistance. Delays. Stalling. Indecision. A need to hit the Pause Button.

Are you resisting the all-important self-care, enough rest, adequate exercise, good nutrition? If you let yourself go, burnout will in fact happen.

For me, it gets worse. When I get burned out, I also get depressed. I am really not in the mood to be depressed right now.

So self-care it is.

I took a well-meaning break yesterday. I had such a wonderful day walking through Greektown with a friend in perfect sunny warm October weather, just beautiful. We stepped into a cheese shop and I picked out a Stilton with apricots, a container of green olives, and a box of specialty crackers. Later, we stopped at a little cafe and drank a lovely cappuccino while talking and watching the neighbourhood hustle and bustle. The spinach and feta pastry was delightful, just like the company, the weather, everything. 🙂

But now, it’s back to the grind, although the things I’m doing don’t feel like a grind. Isn’t it nice to work in an environment where you enjoy what you do?

Early this afternoon I have a zoom. Another one is scheduled for this evening. In between that, I am meeting a new client. Her name is Pixie and I will share more about my latest adventures in a future post.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in a deeper analysis of the October tarot cards pictured above, please visit my store here and subscribe, and download the PDF (priced at $2.22). The message is timeless – if the cards resonate with you, they will have meaning for you when you see them.

Please let me know if you need a mobile version of the PDF, I’ll be happy to supply that for you within 24 hours.

Subscribe to Claudette Tarot Intuitive and check out my products here: https://claudettetarot.gumroad.com/ (to see the products, scroll down)

Update on my Etsy shop BoldlyChicBoutique

Check out my collection of fashion jewelry and birch bark in my Etsy shop BoldlyChicBoutique.

Why do people purchase bark? All sorts of reasons:

  • crafts with candles, paper, jewelry
  • holiday decorating, wreathes, tables
  • manifestation rituals (write notes, burn while making a wish) (if you do this, please use common sense and practice fire safety)
  • scattering at internments/funerals
Etsy shop: https://writerofwordsetc.ca/etsy/

I’m working on a new necklace collection involving zodiacs, to add to the existing ones, like this one:

The charm is a Virgo, but I can personalize it to your sign. Just let me know which one!

Thank you for reading my post today! May the rest of October run smoothly for you (and me).

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