Sitting and reflecting my strange life

I am currently sitting in the city house where the family resides, only, there is no family here.

It’s eerily quiet except for the construction noise from the house across the street, and someone’s got a lawnmower going…

I abandoned my jewelry business for a couple of days to do some mom duty in the city. Perhaps my mom back in the burbs, where my jewelry business shop resides, is having more luck with her rodents trap while I’m away…

I arrived at the family city house on Friday late afternoon with a Dutch Oven full of Bolognese sauce. Spaghetti, a family favorite, was on the menu. As I stood there accepting Tucker’s exuberant over-the-top flipped-out greeting, my son approached me and said “I don’t understand why I can’t take the car tomorrow”.

He had a golf date with some hockey boys up near the north end of the city.

I just looked at him.

“Can’t you greet me like Tucker does?” I asked.

I’ll leave you to imagine his reaction to my question. Note: he’s 17. πŸ€ͺ

Next morning I made everyone cinnamon toast and fried eggs. Then, Sonja and her dad left for MudGirl which has something to do with mud and running.

“But we’ve hardly had any rain, shouldn’t it be called DustGirl?” I said. πŸ˜„

“They create mud,” they educated me. “On purpose.” 😐

Glad I wasn’t roped into that… Ha. I’m no fan of running and I’ve had enough mud adventures with dogs and toddlers and preschoolers and school-aged boys and girls over the years thank you very much.

Ten minutes later I handed my car keys to the boy child. “You’re driving to Michael’s, but I’m coming with you,” I told him. “I’ll drop you. I need my car today.”

“Can we stop for coffee at Tim’s?” he asked and I said yes.

Which ended up a non-event because he deemed the line-up too long and he didn’t want to wait. So we continued on.

This time, he had to drive on the 427, a major artery connecting the bottom of the city (near Lake Ontario) with the TransCanada highway, better known as the notorious 401. He’s driven highway before but not those two, and since I’ve never been to Michael’s house, I didn’t know what to expect once we merged off the highway and into his neighbourhood.

It was good he experienced it. There wasn’t a lot of traffic and he had a lot of time and room to do the merging. I left him to deal with the GPS to get to his friend’s house although I had my phone in hand with the GPS going as well. I was backup, and mostly, he managed without my help. Mostly. He did need a bit of help a couple of times.

There was no discussion about pickup, so after I waved goodbye to the boys, I left. To leave that neighbourhood was quite tricky, lots of twists and turns and obscure signs back to the 401, so if I’m comissioned to pick him up he’ll get a chance to navigate that. But I’m secretly hoping I won’t have to get him. Maybe someone will drop him off.

Once I got back to the south end, I stopped at Starbucks for a coffee and a cheese danish. There was as a sign on the counter that supplies were running short on some items due to supply issues, but my latte and danish arrived without trouble and the even restroom had plenty of toilet paper. 😎

Next, I went across the street to Michael’s, the craft store. (Confused yet about all the Michaels? Here’s some more; the last time l had a latte at that Starbucks was with a friend named Michael, my neighbour’s name is Michael and my niece’s dad’s name is Mike…) 😎

Anyway, Michael’s the craft store has a big selection of jewelry supplies.

Now, let it be known, the last thing I need is more beads. Of course, I want more beads, and I only went because my mom showed me a flyer there was a sale 60% off…

I went in and not a single item was on sale. 😢

I complained to mom via text, she checked the flyer, and the sale doesn’t start till next Wednesday. 🀨

I left empty-handed and drove home to the family house and have been cleaning nonstop since I got there. It’s easier to do when the family isn’t around and no one is giving me the evil eye.

Except for Tucker. He doesn’t understand why I’m so busy moving from room to room and continuously turning on noisy machinery (vacuum cleaner)… πŸ˜€

I’m on a break now as I type this. I brewed tea, there’s a carrot muffin with almonds in it, and Tucker is sleeping among the couch pillows.

I’m tired. I got a lot done and I feel better leaving them with clean laundry and rooms when I return to my other life. Which, incidentally will include my son for the day. He had promised his grandmother he will clean and oil the turbines on the roof before the weather changes, and since there’s no hockey on the schedule on Sunday, he can drive me back to the burbs and then hop on the train to get back home later.

Grandma will feed him and spoil him and teach him some house maintenance and I’ll be packaging up my birch bark, one of several non-jewelry items in my Etsy shop.

I’d appreciate a like or favorite on my shop to boost some traction on Boldly Chic Boutique. Thank you for your support. πŸ’“

It’s been a year since I’ve moved out and tended to family affairs from the burbs. In that time my mom had a broken leg and required a lot of care but she’s almost completely back to normal now. My return to see the kids happens regularly but it’s tricky sometimes with everyone busy and doing social or work things, now that life is less restricted again. We’ve all adjusted and made it work, for which I am grateful. My journey is well underway.

If not now, when?

Tomorrow never comes.

Claudette, Writer of Words etc

Thank you for stopping by my blog to read my words.

8 thoughts on “Sitting and reflecting my strange life

  1. I can’t go into Michael’s. I order chalk online and pick it up, but the pickup is in the very front. I keep my eyes down. If I happen to glance up, or walk into the store, I’m liable to spend all the grocery money on stuff that’s adorable but I don’t need 😱

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