Waiting (and waiting and waiting)

I spent a big part of my day waiting for several things, most recently a phone call from either the girl child or her dad. I was advised earlier I might have to go into the city and get her, but it was not confirmed.

So I await further instructions.

Nothing is happening. My phone is silent.

What a difference from this morning when I was concentrating on something and the phone kept buzzing with notifications… UGH! I finally turned on the DO NOT DISTURB and that was a wonderful 40 minutes of absolutely no disturbances.

I got a lot done with intentional focus and no distractions. πŸ˜€

But here I am a few hours later willing the damn phone to ring. I need to know if they want me to pick her up, and if I need to get groceries before I do. It’s already 5:37 pm… don’t they know I have an early bedtimes? πŸ™„

Apparently not.

Other things I’ve spent time waiting for, with very little action:

  • printer
  • scanner
  • appointment

The first two items are technologies which had me up in arms. The printer/scanner is wirelessly connected to numerous computers in this house but does it print the things I need it to print?


Same with the scanner. After my dad died, my mom wanted me to help her scan multiple documents into the system, which I did without any issue whatsoever. Today, I wanted to scan four pages into the system but it kept telling me it’s not connected, and to check the computer. I checked the computer which indicated the connection was there, alive and ready to go so I went back to scan but the scanner said ‘no connection’ wash, lather, rinse, repeat, round and round we go until I lose my mind.

I wanted to throw the scanner out the window, except, I was not permitted. That’s too bad because it would have made a nice, loud noise as it splintered into a million tiny little bits across the stone patio in the back of the house…

Anyway, I went back to my room/home office, snapped a picture of each page, sent it to myself via email, inserted it into a Word document, made it a PDF file, and fired it off to Shane.

Then I went on the hunt for chocolate. There was no chocolate. At least not the kind I craved. There was dark chocolate, but I want milk chocolate.


I ended up eating a piece of plum tart which was delicious and improved my mood measurably.

The last item I’m waiting on is an appointment. The pages which wouldn’t scan was my will and testament, something that’s been hanging over me for years. We filled out the questionnaire a few years ago and then got distracted and forgot to send it to the lawyer, but now, with my brother’s cancer diagnosis, we recognized that it’s important to have one’s affairs in order. We don’t have a lot of complicated assets, and the kids are the next of kin, so filling out the four pages took less than ten minutes.

Now I’m waiting for the lawyer to draft up the will and invite us into the office to sign (and pay).

So that’s another item off my to-do list.

Let it be known I still want to throw the tech out the window, but mom won’t let me. She says:

You have to be a little patient.

She in her 70s, right? She turns the thing off, then on again, walks away, comes back, and it works.

When I do that, it doesn’t work.


So, the time is now 5:51. I will give them until 6 and then heads will roll (or I will open a bottle of wine and cancel the drive into the city). I can always get her in the morning.

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Thank you for visiting my blog today. See you in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Waiting (and waiting and waiting)

  1. It takes my laptop too long (I think) to recognize that my printer is plugged in, wifi ready and good to go even when they are 6 inches from each other and just 4 feet from the wifi router. Your mom has it right though, with technology patience pays off. Getting the will done early is smart when there’s kids. Good for you!

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  2. I’ve often wanted to throw tech out the window just to hear the crash. Printers are especially troublesome. Currently mine will do everything but print a photo and I have no idea why. Yes, smashing it to pieces would be very satisfying.

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  3. I love that name for your boutique. I think that’s absolutely brilliant. I have the same problem when I’m on a creative roll. Everyone wants to call at the same time and afterwards… Nothing at all. Today was kinda like that and it was frustrating. I’m glad you turned yours off for a minute. Hopefully your plans sorted themselves out by now.

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