Introducing Boldly Chic Boutique

After a year of trial and error, technical difficulties, interruptions, confusion and a very steep learning curve, I decided to re-launch my jewelry business with a brand new Etsy store called Boldly Chic Boutique.

Along with that came, of course, the logo designs, the social media campaigns and an endless stocking of my collection into the etsy app. This is all ongoing and in progress.

Here’s my instagram logo:

I invite you to check out my store, subscribe by clicking follow and do all the things! This will help grow my business and I appreciate your support to the moon and back. πŸ’–

Note: when you subscribe or click follow, there is no obligation to buy my fantastic jewelry (even though you should consider it πŸ˜‰ ). I’m sure you have a lady in your life, family or friend, who might like to receive a gift? Perhaps you could share my links with them so they can follow me themselves… Clicking follow helps the mechanics or algorithms or whatever magic is working in the background to make my store more noticeable.

And, it makes me feel supported. I am, after all, a locally based, small business entrepreneur working out of a home office and I can use all the help, emotional and otherwise, I can get. Thank you for considering following my store and my socials. Speaking of social media…

Check out my newest socials

As these online businesses go, one cannot be without a social media campaign anymore. One must advertise online and one must pick some popular platforms to do this on. Again, it’s all interconnected, so following me would be so helpful to get my store noticed! To make it easier for you, I provided the links below:

Instagram BoldlyChicBoutiqueByClaudette

Remember I mentioned the learning curve above? I discovered a few things when I played around with apps and platforms while learning the ropes with the old jewelry business handle, writerofwordsjewelry. I learned:

Cross-posting is easy

When I post to TikTok I can automatically post to Instagram at the same time. Doing things once instead of twice makes life easier for me and I get to broaden my reach at the same time. Sometimes, easier is better (but don’t tell my kids that)… πŸ˜‰

Consistency is not hard (but not always easy)

I struggle with too many creative ideas and not enough consistent effort to see one thing through. I have this over-active, over-thinking brain – I’m literally dripping with new ideas pretty much constantly! However, allowing these ideas to take root but not see them through has caused me numerous disappointments so I did two things to help me focus better and stay on track:

One: I use my dry-erase board in my room to jot down everything that pops into my head. Once it’s out of my head (and on the board) I am reassured I won’t forget my brilliant ideas, and once I finish doing whatever I’m working on currently, I can start something new without worry that the first thing was left unfinished (story of my life).

Two: I dropped a lot of my other interests – temporarily not permanently – to focus on this jewelry business (and the writing). That’s two things I continue to focus on (instead of seven or eleven or sixty…) Jewelry and Writing.

Can I do two things? Yes. The answer is yes. πŸ˜€

I can write, take a break when I hit a blank, go design some jewelry, then write about the jewelry I designed… it all ties in perfectly.

Meanwhile, I don’t have a lot of space left for photos on this blog, so I invite you again to check out my etsy shop to see my collection of new, and some older pieces. Don’t forget to click follow or like (please and thank you)!

Then, head over to Instagram to check out more pictures. Again, a follow is much appreciated.

Don’t be shy to share my links with your friends on social media – the more the merrier! (And I like following interesting people back.)

I leave with you with this:

If not now, when?
Tomorrow never comes.

Claudette, Writer of Words etc

We should all heed this advice.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! See you at Etsy and in the socials.


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