Poking a hive with this little experiment

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. I absolve myself from responsibility. 😉

A person holding a camera is standing in front of some stairs leading upstairs.

On each step sits a teenage boy, probably about 17 or so. They were told to sit in the middle.

The person filming them asked them a question with two possible answers. If they picked answer 1 they were told to move to the left, and if they picked answer 2, to the right.

These were some of the questions:

  • summer or winter
  • pizza or burgers
  • night or morning
  • android or apple
  • etc

The boys, seven in total, where pretty much evenly split (except for the season question – only one boy picked winter).

But the last question was a kicker!

  • mom or girlfriend

The answer totally surprised me, particularly because there was absolutely no hesitation.

I asked my kids’ dad what he would have picked (as a teenager) and he gave the same answer as the boys did.

Well, this whole thing led me down a path of overthinking. 😀

What if we were to repeat this experiment and asked adult, heterosexual men who have been married for at least 15 consecutive years to the same woman?

And then asked them this question:

  • wife or mom

What say you, married men who read this blog?

Let’s switch it up again:

What if the question was asked privately, not while being filmed for social media?

Again, if you’re a married man, what’s your response? And if you’re a married woman, what do you think your husband would say?

Ha ha ha…

This was so fun.

Your turn. Tell me your thoughts!

14 thoughts on “Poking a hive with this little experiment

  1. Girlfriends are temporary but moms are forever. Between husband and father, I would have picked husband (barely) but both are dead now so it’s a moot point.

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  2. Interesting. If someone asked me who I preferred, dad or husband, I’d stay put. My preference is both. It’s difficult to delineate such significant relationships. Maybe that’s a female thing? I think my husband would say me but his mother can be challenging. So possibly it’s more about the depth of connection? I’ll be asking around and let you know. 💕C

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      1. Thank you Wynne! My parents have both passed away so I might be more sentimental about the memories I have most likely texturized over the years. Of course when I had them in person I didn’t realize how much I would miss them, you know what I mean? The way they would light up just because I walked in the room. The people who held my secrets, dreams, and sorrows, who loved me at every age, who showered me with compassion especially when I didn’t deserve it. I had good ones. Hugs, C

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  3. I think given the status of “ex” it’s pretty clear where I would be on the list of possible picks. I did consider my son though and what his response would be now that he is married. I think I would want him to choose his life partner over his mom. Isn’t that the logical progression of life?

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  4. My first husband would have chosen his mother every single time. It’s no wonder he worked so hard to enmesh our daughters.
    My current husband would chose me. However, if the question was his wife or his granddaughter, I’d be out in the cold 😏

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  5. My husband is experiencing some angst with his mom right now, but she’s also been diagnosed with something, so I think at this moment in time it’s Mom. And I’m ok with that given the situation.

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