Beagle drama, mom life observations and a little update

Why why why does the skunk need to spray the dog through the fence? There was no imminent danger to either wildlife or canine. They’re separated by planks of wood, each on their own turf. Could they have just entertained the idea of, I don’t know, minding their own business and going about their routine without causing epic chaos requiring several humans to deal with for two hours? 🤯

There was really no need to cause drama at 8:45 pm on a Friday night is what I’m saying, but there we were…

He will need a new collar; I soaked it all night in a specialty shampoo solution but the smell persists. It’s not a pleasant smell…

What a finale to an already very busy day yesterday…

I began my Friday morning with coffee and a slide show of photos from my sister’s trip in Europe. Next, I packed up some stuff, debated if I should leave my laptop in my home office or take it, emptied half my mom’s fridge into a cooler and drove, with laptop, into the city to meet up with the family. Both kids had appointments, my son needed to do some school supply shopping after, and later I enjoyed a lovely coffee date at Starbucks.

Back at the house the usual tidying and purging occurred, which always seems necessary when I return to the family home after an absence, although someone had done all the laundry and tidied the kitchen. I unloaded the cooler into the fridge, then realized I should have purged some expired contents first, so that took longer than expected… 😐

While I dealt with the fridge a conversation I had earlier with my sister popped into my head. It appears she has similar challenges with her tribe, an adult man and two male teens. She once sent her partner a picture of multiple started containers of the same condiment… (why, why, why…?) 😬

Anyway, I threw stuff out, composted where I could, ran the washer, emptied trash bins and puttered a little before sitting down to type yesterday’s post where I screwed around with my blog content and caused some issues for some people… (Sorry)

However, it seems Matt’s experience was different from other people’s – he said his feed got bombarded by multiple posts of mine when I bulk-re-published a few of my posts I had made private. I think I reactivated posts back to May 2022, but the earlier posts are still not public (and probably won’t be). Meanwhile, other people commented they did not experience the same bombardment of my posts so… 🤷‍♀️


I still fantasize about starting a fresh blog with a new direction but I’m going to have to wait till I’m back in my house where I have silence and uninterrupted time to figure out what to do. Ashley had a good idea, I might play around with exports.

But this all has to wait. First order of the weekend is to get the sick kid healthy again because the first day of school is on Wednesday and people need to return to a sense of routine after all the time off.

I need a sense of routine, frankly…

Second order is to re-start the other business I had put on hold over the summer (jewelry) which I have been silently working on during the summer lull by revamping, creating a new name (still need a logo) and even designed a few new pieces. I want to consider becoming a vendor at some local markets and in some local shops – I have a plan in place; I just need to begin activating some of the steps.

September is a great time to focus on new beginnings, right? I love this time of year.

And third, I’m in the process of establishing myself as a dog walker in my new location (burbs). I printed off flyers, re-joined the Rover app, and created some business cards. When I’m back at my mom’s house I will ride my bike around the neighbourhood and deliver the flyers into the community mail boxes.

Today, my sister, mom and I will wander over to a local bakery where my 14 year old teen girl started a job as a barista. The shop is walking distance from her home and across from a college campus. (I told her to stay away from the college boys… 😉) Perhaps her brother and dad will join us too… It will be nice for the kids to see their aunt; she lives in Vancouver which is far away from Toronto, so they don’t see her often.

And with that, the Labour Day weekend has begun.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. See you in the comments!


30 thoughts on “Beagle drama, mom life observations and a little update

  1. Congrats to Sonja on her job! I’m guessing she’ll have some work tales that you’ll share with us in the future. 😁
    In reference to kitchen drama, my youngest told me we were out of cinnamon(though I was sure I’d recently bought some), but I took his word for it and bought more. Guess what? The old/new bottle of cinnamon was “missed” by his eyes, so now I have two whole bottles of cinnamon…🤦🏾‍♀️

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  2. I didn’t receive a bomb of notifications either, but I only follow on reader not by email. As for skunks , they’re twitchy little guys when they’re personal space is invaded, fence or not. Hope your daughter’s first job is a great experience!

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  3. I wonder if getting skunked will curtail Tucker’s obsession with the wildlife? Or are the raccoons and squirrels going to taunt and tease him more??
    I am sorry you had to deal with a skunky dog. Yuck!

    You’ve been busy, busy. It’s too dang hot here to do anything but sit still and whine. Luckily I’m good at both 😂😂😂

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    1. I think he wants to play with the skunk. He rolls in the spray on the grass or tries to get the smell off by rolling in the grass, and he’s so agitated, it’s kind of amusing. Ideally if this shit was going to happen it would be better during the day, not a 9 o’clock at night ffs.

      I’m ok. I had a nice day today, despite smelly Tucker. 🙂

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