Urban slang for smutty terms

I’m at least a week behind uploading my latest book to KDP, the amazon publishing app. I’m disappointed but not derailed – as usual, there were pressing and unforeseen circumstances coupled with a stint in dog sitting, which I love and getting paid for, so not all is doom and gloom dire.

But I am a little out of sorts with the delays…

This morning however, I sat down to print off the Table of Contents to match up the chapter titles and accompanying pictures I sourced. I’m double and triple checking things when I realized, some of my titles are not very intriguing, unique or compelling.

Time to consult my thesaurus.

An online thesaurus is my constant companion on my laptop, no matter what writing I do. In fact, as I type this blog post, I am keeping an eye on the thesaurus tab becauseI never know when I suddenly need to replace an ordinary word with an extraordinary one.

However, the regular thesaurus is nice and clean and not, you know, smutty. And sometimes, I need smutty words. 😀

I have heard of, and used, the Urban Dictionary at times, but I didn’t know until today there was such a thing as the Urban Thesaurus.

Here’s an example of what happens when you look for a synonym for a word like foreplay between the standard thesaurus and the urban slang one:

Synonyms for foreplay

Standard thesaurus

kissing, action, caress, cuddling, lovemaking, necking, petting, sex, third base, quickie, fooling around etc

Urban thesaurus

Harmless: karaoke, back tickle, do the dirty, hay ride, bases, meow moan, face sitting, and similar relatively harmless terms.

Weird: tune in tokyo, lady gagazzle, slap and pickle, anal moses, roman showers, ball snack, clit brisket, caribbean motorboat, courtesy lick, snorting the camel, cleaning the fish, rusty umbrella, wet philly, roast beef curtain, chin skiing and over a hundred more like this.

Other ones that caught my eye: jersey two step, john wayne casserole, gas chamber, beforenication, brown finger, monsoon wet, clitortoise, hard taco, hungarian stool, mongolian hot pot, two-horned unicorn etc.

I’m a little stumped. Most of these words don’t evoke the kind of foreplay I’m writing about in my romance novella.

Having said that, I use a thesaurus most days in all types of writing, and I don’t mind checking the urban slang websites. Although most of the words I come across, especially for the sex organs, are unusable, they do provide a slice of entertainment during the slog that is editing manuscripts.

Tell me, writers, do you like using a thesaurus during fiction or creative writing? Have you checked out the urban slang ones?

Thanks for stopping by! See you in the comments.


25 thoughts on “Urban slang for smutty terms

  1. I use a thesaurus from time to time. Sometimes to remind myself on what the word I’m looking for is and sometimes to find the spelling of a word. I’ve yet to use Urban Dictionary for my writing. The definitions people provide are…interesting to say the least

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  2. I use a thesaurus all the time. As for most of us writers, it’s not for the purpose of learning and using a word new to us but just reminding us of words we know but just can’t come up with in the moment… I have also used Urban Dictionary, but I don’t find it so useful. Maybe it’s helpful in cases where I’m writing a certain character, but I don’t find most people use those terms in real life… I’m with you — I’d vote for a new thesaurus containing synonyms of eroticism, sensuality, and evocation. That’s more what we need…

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    1. You, me as Cassandra, and a few others could come up with a lovely alternate erotic kink thesaurus, although knowing what I know, the writing style is as important as selecting the right synonym. I’m sure you know what I mean. Anyone can write erotic or sex filled content but will it be readable? Will it effect a slow burn into a hook that keeps people reading? I used to do this on my Cassandra blog…and you have that talent as well. Your content, especially prior to your trip back east, was intriguing and inspiring without predictable clichees so many people use in erotic content.

      But you got me thinking, Shae. Thank you for your comment. 😊

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  3. I involved with an illicit association with the handsome thesaurus. When I’m writing I might have a word or idea in mind but it’s not quite right. I check in with my beloved thesaurus and sometimes that alone sets me off in a new direction because a new idea is released in the variety of words. We’re so lucky to be writers. What is more exciting than a passionate relationship with the thesaurus. Hugs, C

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