The day my hair almost caught fire

One day last week I was sitting under a three-bulb metal lamp working on something with my beads when suddenly, one of the light bulbs flew out of the lamp with a pop and landed on my hair before it rolled onto the table in front of me.

I could still hear it sizzle.

The bulb was completely black, indicating the mechanism inside the bulb was burnt.

I was surprised the bulb didn’t shatter.

When I touched it to remove it away from my beads it still felt hot.

I wondered then if it was a 100 wattage bulb someone had placed into this lamp. It was an old, metal stand lamp with three adjustable lights at the top, very convenient for work like jewelry design. I can never have enough light in my jewelry shop.

The exploded bulb which almost set my hair on fire was definitely not one of those environmentally friendly twirly one. I think my mom, who I live with, replaces bulbs when they burn out. Might as well use fully functioning bulbs until they stop working, right?

Anyway this scenario launched a sequence of events over the following week which I now, in hindsight, think might be fun to document into a non-fiction anthology in ebook format. If you’ve been reading me for any amount of time, chances are you’ve come across a post (or three, or seven) in which I declared myself accident-prone and even though none of it is ever my fault, I do recognize that these daily-life shenanigans provide entertainment for some people who enjoy reading these glimpses into the personal lives of crazy people like me.

So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to collect a bunch of stories designed to entertain the masses, fresh ones I haven’t written yet, and put them in an anthology (maybe I’ll repurpose some previously written content as well). I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading essays and personal accounts and observations.

I used to read books like this all the time; Anne Kingston had a bunch of essays collected into such a book which I picked up at a garage sale once (whose title eludes me at the moment), and Stuart McLean wrote stories in his Vinyl Cafe series which charmed me to no end at one time. That’s naming only two authors; I have plenty more I admire.

But this project has to wait. I’m in the process of publishing other ebooks I have in progress currently to add to my ever-growing collection. Do check my book tab on my website if you’re here, I redesigned some of my covers.

Meanwhile, I’ve re-joined Rover, the dog walking app, and created new business cards and flyers. I’m thinking… now that people have adjusted to living with this virus in our lockdown-loving province, and many people are happily returning to work, a renewed need for dog walkers might reappear. I’m hopeful I can pick up my business which fizzed out when the pandemic locked us all into our homes for two years.

We shall see what comes of all this flurry of activity.

So. How’s that for a blog post? I thought I’d check in with my neglected readers today. I’ve culled back on blogging over the summer months but have been busier than ever. There have been struggles, but also joy and fun. I’m in a position to exercise four times a week with my yoga fitness app. And, I’ve begun cycling down to the marina several times a week which is about a 10 km round trip on very level roads. This is the main reason I can cycle 10 km; there are no hills and therefore no strenuous activity. Just pure bliss. 🚴🚴‍♀️

Thank you for reading my post today! I miss blogging… I’m happy I got back into it. 🥰

16 thoughts on “The day my hair almost caught fire

      1. Didn’t you write a raving mad post yesterday about dui’s kinda made me feel like I was in a time slip, cos you mentioned away so long and now you’re back


  1. I’m still reading 🙂 I don’t always comment, but I read. I’m trying to force myself back into blogging too – mostly by removing other things. Writing has become a “thing for me”.

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