My elderly mom spent the late afternoon yesterday looking high and low for a bag of grass seed she bought some time ago.

She kept telling me she couldn’t find it.

Where does one store grass seed? Well, the garage might be one spot, and the little garden shed was another option. Perhaps even in the crawl space in the basement below the house…

I asked her if she did in fact buy it recently, or perhaps she already used it or gave it away (if she was being helpful to a neighbour or something). She said she bought it and stowed it because she wanted to patch up the lawn in late summer, early fall. The skunk is a regular visitor and turns up the sod to look for grubs, leaving bald spots everywhere…

It must be somewhere, I thought.

This morning, I took my second coffee and made my way to the front door. We have a small patio with Adirondack chairs situated near the flower garden below the birch trees next to the driveway. It’s a lovely spot to have coffee; often numerous types of birds come to the numerous types of feeders to entertain us.

Well, on my way to the front door, armed with hot coffee and my phone, I passed a small bench under which we store shoes. On top of the bench was a large bag of grass seed.

I wonder where she found it. πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Husband was late to work today because he couldn’t find his wallet.

    It was in the pocket of the pants he was already wearing.

    For the record, Husband went to college at like age 16, has a PhD from an Ivy League school, and is much, much smarter and more successful than I am. But he is very good at being absent-minded and misplacing things.

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