The Raging Gimlet™, some spilled coffee and a few ebooks

I told one of my followers yesterday I wanted to write about the Raging Gimlet™ but now that I have spilled coffee and extra laundry and a wet rug and an agitated beagle I’m not in the mood anymore.

Also I’m sporting three new scratches across my chest courtesy the special little hound who jumped me this morning which, incidentally did not lead to the spilled coffee; that was all my own doing. I’m talented that way.

Note: Tucker is currently depressed since neither I nor my mom are getting ready to take him for a morning walk. It just started to rain, mom has a chiro appointment and I need to do a yoga routine to ease some lingering back pain induced by an irritating drive into the city the other day. Mom will be back in thirty minutes and said she’ll take him.

But I digress… 🙄

The reason I wanted to talk about the Raging Gimlet™ had to do with my discovery that I like gimlets. I just learned what they are – what the ingredients entail – less than a week ago and since I’m a fan of limes and lime juice, I was quite thrilled with my new discovery. This led me to read up on other lime-inspired boozy beverages which may lead me to sample my very first Tom Collins in the not too distant future. (That’s a lime-y drink, no? Sorry, I live under a rock.) 🤷‍♀️

But what does this have to do with rage, you ask?


I got triggered. Or, I let something trigger me even though I know better. Meh.

I was on my way into the city to pick up the dog a couple of evenings ago, got stuck in stop-and-go traffic partly caused by endless construction, ended up on the one exit that didn’t lead south because of more construction (which I didn’t know because I didn’t have my GPS on because I maxed out on data) which had me tour half of Mississauga, the land of suburban sprawl, waaaaaay off course to my destination yada yada by the time I got to the house I was at the borderline of boiling point.

Meaning, I was really looking forward to my gimlet.

Before I left mom’s house in the burbs to head toward the city, I stopped at a store to pick up limeade and lime juice (but forgot the actual limes) and sent a message to the family to dig out the bartender book we have stashed somewhere downstairs in the clutter-y basement.

I avoid going into that dusty, dark, filled full of useless stuff basement. I say useless because the layer of dust on all of it tells me no one is using any of it. When I suggest we purge and clean they say they need the stuff. I say no you don’t otherwise it wouldn’t be covered in dust. See how my brain works? This is all perfectly logical to me… (Turns out, we do not have a bartender book anyway. I must have seen it at mom’s place…)

Anyway, a series of events occurred at that point that led to the Raging Gimlet™ circumstances which I am not currently capable of rehashing (see above, spilled coffee et al), so you’ll have to wait until I’m in the mood and/or I publish the tale in a book called “Unpublished blog posts” (title to be revised in due time).

See, recently I had some computer issues and while I waited for Windows to unfreeze itself I waded through my draft folder in my mobile WordPress app. There were some highly intriguing posts in there that never saw the light of day for some reason. I made an executive decision at that point to create an anthology of these unpublished anecdotes by compiling them into an ebook.

I already started.

I created similar books just like it, one which collected shopping-related stories I originally wrote about on my blog (with some revisions). It is available on Amazon but if you’ve been reading me regularly for the past couple of years, some of the stories will sound familiar. If you’re new to my blog, you’ll get a great taste of what my blog was all about for the past couple of years by reading this ebook. Just so you know, I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting some of the events that led me to write about them, although in some cases I shook my head or rolled my eyes at my own anal-ness (the Costco stories alone had me rolling my eyes so far back into my head I got a headache.) I’m looking forward to comments and reviews, and thank you for your readership here and on my publishing platforms.

Another ebook I’m currently working on is called Midlife InVisibility and I’m about a week away from publishing this ebook, also on Amazon. (I was going to do it yesterday but Windows froze me up and caused me a couple of hours of distress. I’m delayed mostly because my laptop sucks and I’m busy the rest of this week and this upcoming weekend so I’ll do it next week.) I can’t wait to share this one, stay tuned.

The Unpublished Blog Posts ebook will take a bit longer as I’m still sifting through the untapped stories. I’m on target to get all my started books published by the end of August because after that I have a new project I’m starting, likely out of the house, and I’m looking forward to the variety. This means blogging will be culled a bit more (but don’t worry, I’ll stick around and stay connected, just not as often).

So that’s all I have for you this morning. Check out my new header, and my books tab, and let me know what you think!


10 thoughts on “The Raging Gimlet™, some spilled coffee and a few ebooks

  1. Midlife Invisibility sounds interesting. My former doctoral chair once said she could rob a bank and no one would ever suspect it was her, because that’s how overlook she’d begun to feel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wait, wasn’t Gimlet that dwarf in “Lord of the Rings”??

    Fun fact: my first-ever legal alcoholic beverage was a Tom Collins. Yes, they’re lime-y. And really good. I don’t order them often, but they’re always a treat.

    Liked by 1 person

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