Help: a new name is in order and you can help

When I started the jewelry business it wasn’t a business idea. Rather, it was something to do with my hands when I couldn’t find the words to write.

Then people started buying my designs and I discovered I loved creating beaded jewelry.

But I never really thought up a good name. I may have even mentioned it here, in these pages, before… (Did I?)

I think we can all agree that Writer of Words Jewelry is a bit awkward. 😐

I did change my Instagram for the jewelry business to

Claudette’s Beaded Designs

But I’m not thrilled with this name either.

At one time, a friend called me the

Contessa of the Semicolon

I keep thinking back to that name. Specifically, Contessa… Could I do something with that, perhaps?

I’m not sure.

Since I create things that are not jewelry (healing crystal pouches for instance), I’m not sure I want to include the word jewelry at all.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it here and beg you to help me brainstorm (again).


I want to sign up for Shopify to make shopping easier for my customers, but before I do that, I need a new name.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you for stopping my, friends.

See you in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Help: a new name is in order and you can help

  1. I thought a lot but couldn’t think anything more than Claudette’s (yupp just that.. I’m still thinking as I write this but all I hear in my head is Claudette’s)

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  2. There’s a chef- the Barefoot Contessa so that relates food to me, plus I always associate that word with an older and rather snarky, snobbish elite woman. That’s not you at all so I’m not keen on contessa. I think it’s distinctive and classy to simply use your name, or some inventive version of first/last and leave all the other stuff out, at least for the business name. You can always add a descriptive tag line

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  3. I thought about proposing WOW jewelry as it has some consistency. Generally, I favor phrases like
    However, I might have been influenced by years of advertising related to diamonds.
    Good luck finding the perfect name.

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