Wearing the chauffeur hat on the west coast

I’m a mom of sporty kids, right? My kids spent most of their childhood being schlepped to and from rinks, to and from baseball diamonds, to and from gymnastics gyms, to and from track and field facilities, and to and from tournaments.

But right now, I’m chauffeuring around Vancouver in my brother’s car.

Sometimes, the whole west coast family is going someplace which requires two cars. Since my brother is unable to drive at the moment due to potential risk of further seizures, he has commissioned me to drive his car around.

My brother’s car is not new, but it is also not old. I mean, compared to the one I drive at home, my brother’s car is ultra modern! My car back home, which is my dad’s old Saturn, is a 2002 (20 years old) and in decent condition. He took such good care of it, kept it in the garage during wind and weather, and really didn’t drive it very often, so it still does the job of schlepping my now teenaged kids to and from rinks.

My kids are not with me on this trip, so no rinks are on the schedule. Instead, I drive my brother, nephew and other family to visit my sister who lives on the side of a mountain. I drove up and down switchbacks which was kind of interesting in an unfamiliar car… Actually, the way back down the hill felt a little like sitting in a roller coaster.

The incline is much steeper than the picture shows. I literally felt like I was at the top of a roller coaster about to launch down into the abyss. 😀

“Don’t kill me,” my brother said as I navigated the steep, narrow road down toward a tiny bridge over a little creek… 🥴

Ha. 🙄

Anyway, I’m chauffeuring my life away while here in Vancouver. And dreaming of new cars…

Thanks for reading my post!


16 thoughts on “Wearing the chauffeur hat on the west coast

  1. I also live among the mountains and switch backs. I have a 12 year old car that takes me to my little house amongst the pines. It’s amazing of you to be driving your brother around! Enjoy your kid free days and the spectacular views.

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