Tarot Tuesday: How to read a story from your tarot cards

I’ve been learning tarot card readings for a while now, and documented my journey here in this blog and on youtube.

Today, I finally succeeded in telling a story from the cards I was dealt without looking up their meanings.

This is what happened.

While shuffling, I asked this question:

What do I need to know today?

Out came the Knight of Wands.

Knight of Wands – fire energy

Knights, I knew immediately, are the teenagers of the court cards. They are full of action, passion and sometimes impulsiveness.

Next, I asked to clarify this card, and two more cards came out while shuffling: the Ten of Swords and King of Pentacles.

Here is how I connected the cards into a story.

The Knight of Pentacles is full of energy, passion and intention to action the sprouts on his wand into success and abundance. Wands represent fire energy, and this knight on his horse embodies this energy quite well, right? His idea, conceived previously by the Page of Wands (the card that comes prior to the Knight) and shown as healthy sprouts on his wand is now fleshed out and the first steps can be taken to actualize the goal he envisions.

For me, this is my jewelry business. I’ve been busy busy busy with that project over the past week, anxious to catch up for lost time when the family was sick followed by me getting sick as well. I’m now full of passion to forge ahead, and have been doing so all week. You can check out jewelry instagram if you’re interested, or subscribe to my gumroad sales page, or check out my pieces I have for sale.

But teenagers can be impulsive sometimes, as we all know. This might mean a tendency to act first, think later (at times) or maybe getting sucked into a quick rich scheme by false or fake supporters in the name of getting there quicker. I don’t like cutting corners but I do sometimes feel impatient… it’s something to be cautioned about.

Ten of Swords – air energy

The next card is the Ten of Swords, which I have written about here. Note, there is no blood flowing from the wounds on his back. He is not dead. He is exhausted, is how I’m seeing it. How can I tell? Well, the horizon shows a rising sun. Those ominous black clouds above him are moving on and whatever bleak circumstance was present until now is moving on. A new day with new opportunities is upon this man.

Swords represent air energy, which point to thoughts and intellect. Think about the ambitious and passionate knight in the first card – he has galloped full-speed ahead, possibly without stopping for a long time, and simply exhausted himself. He’s feeling depleted mentally, emotionally, possibly financially. Did he spend too much money investing in his idea without an adequate plan and budget in place? Has he already achieved debt before he even got off the ground?

The Ten of Swords card is reminding us to keep the knight reigned, so to speak, and the plan and budget focused.

For myself, I sometimes see this sentiment occur when I get really excited and creative about a new idea. Before jumping in, I need to return to my plan and methodically follow the plan. If something isn’t working, a systematic approach to change or adapt things might be the better, and more secure way of dealing with new ideas, rather than invest into a brand new branch of a business before it even launched officially.

King of Pentacles – earth energy

The final card that clarified the Knight of Wands is the King of Pentacles. He is an abundant, secure, wise man who is sought after as a mentor, guide and father figure. He rules his kingdom with wisdom acquired over years of hard work and is willing to share expertise and advice to those who seek it.

Pentacles represent earth energy and point to wealth, career, money, creativity.

I immediately recognized the possibility of becoming the King of Pentacles if I manage to control the passion I feel as the Knight by keeping a level head and sticking to the plan, and preventing myself from arriving at the same exhaustion the Ten of Swords displays.

I also drew an oracle card from my The Universe has your back oracle deck (see my affiliate link below if you’d like to purchase this deck from Amazon, for which I will receive a commission).

It’s message resonates with the tarot cards that were dealt with today:

The moment I embrace my peace within and surrender the outcome is the moment that the universe can truly get to work.

Gabrielle Bernstein

In the work-related theme of today’s tarot cards, I take from this message a nod toward focus. Do not let naysayers deter you from your goals; forge ahead and stick to your plan, and trust that the positive energy you surround yourself with will attract the things you most desire: success and abundance.

Thank you for reading my post.

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