Tarot Tuesday: body, heart, mind and spirit

I am experimenting with a new spread, suggested in the accompanying booklet of my Shadowscapes deck.

New tarot spread

First off, do you notice all the eights? There’s a four… And really that immediately alerts me to twos.

Numbers mean something to me. I see patterned numbers all the time…

New spread

This spread came from the Shadowscapes booklet included with the deck of cards. It’s called Message from the Universe.

Message from the Universe

What do you need to know about your body, heart, mind and spirit today? That was the question I posed while shuffling my cards. These are the answers I was given which I will now analyze for the purpose of getting to know the tarot cards better. And, perhaps we can all take some of these messages and apply them to our unique circumstances.

It was interesting too that I saw the Ace of Wands appear as my first card today. It showed up a couple of days ago, as I mentioned to a friend. I remember because I asked her what she knows about foxes as spiritual animals.

So let’s dive in:

Ace of Wands for the body

Key words: inspiration, new opportunity, growth potential

Element: fire energy

Symbolism: foxes are clever, cunning, quick, smart and beautiful

Aces usually mean a conception of an idea takes shape, a seed is planted, or an offer is made or is coming. The fact that this is a repeated card for me in two days (see how the numbers impact me?) alerts me to pay attention.

The possibility of creativity, excitement, adventure; a challenge to step forward with courage and confidence.

Shadowscapes Tarot

Message for the body: today is as good as any day to begin a new cycle of health: be it nutrition, diet, exercise or even a beauty routine. How do foxes apply to this situation? They are, to me at least, attractive animals with their beautiful coats. But they’re hard to spot, so if you happen to noticed beauty today, in self or others, take note.

Four of Wands for the heart

Key words: celebration, joy, relaxing, homecoming

Element: fire energy

Symbolism: I see antelopes made to look like unicorns (one horn) and a bunch of fairies flying around. The horns symbolize the wands, and there is happy action. Antelopes as a spiritual animal indicate a ‘take action’ message. The door is in front of you, trust your instincts. New opportunities are right behind the door (remember the Ace of Wands card), all you have to do is cross the threshold.

Celebration. Initial successes have brought hope and joy to the air. There is harmony and peace to be had. However, once attained, this prosperity must be maintained as well.

Shadowscapes Tarot

Message for the heart: joy and harmony are within you. Gratitude and beauty are attainable. Look around you. What are you thankful for today. I know it’s difficult at times to be grateful, I’m challenged all time. Here’s what I did today to overcome the gloomy, wet and still cold weather that makes my heart feel sombre: I told myself the earth needs a good rain to wake up so the flowers can grow and bloom and the trees finally burst open. Right? I am thankful to be witness to this awakening of the earth around me, it makes my heart feel full and alive when I see all the colour and life teeming in nature.

Eight of Wands for the mind

Key words: movement, faced-paced change, action, alignment

Element: fire energy

Symbolism: a mystical woman, more foxes, wands are shaped like puffy dandelion flowers released into the air. Although this is a fire energy card, the releasing of the flowers into the air symbolizes thoughts.

The beginning of a long journey toward a goal. A great undertaking is at hand, and it speeds toward reward with hope and momentum.

Shadowscapes Tarot

Message for the mind: all undertakings take deep thought and contemplation. Which direction will the thoughts take you to activate the Ace of Wands? Allow the flowers to float in the air without barriers – your thoughts will take shape and help guide you toward your goal(s). My own thoughts, today and in recent days, have me excited about my continuing projects I’ve left behind during a trip to the city to tend to family matters. But I took full advantage of technology to keep notes so I won’t forget when I return to my sanctuary, my office, and my jewelry shop. Follow me to be notified of new products which I’m diligently working on.


Eight of Pentacles for the spirit

Key words: repetitive tasks, mastery, skill development

Element: earth energy

Symbolism: spider crafting an intricate web. Creative, talented, skilled, determined. Eight legs on the spider, eight star-embodied pentacles weaved into the web. The spider is not deterred, no matter how many times the web is destroyed during the building process. The spider spirit animal reminds us that good things come to those who wait, implying patience is a virtue.

A craftsman possessing great patience and attentive to details. Seeking knowledge, pursuing a higher understanding. A practical application of intellect and skill to a task.

Shadowscapes Tarot

Message for the spirit (spiritual self): repetitive tasks, such as practicing meditations, will result in mastery. I have learned this already – if you are challenged with meditation, which many people are initially, don’t give up. Like the spider says, keep trying. It will work, as long as you keep at it. With deep meditation practices comes a calmer mind and an activation of the law of attraction.

Thank you for reading my post.

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday: body, heart, mind and spirit

  1. Oh, I like the 4 card idea. I’ve been doing a daily 3, but I might try 4.

    All that fire… wowza!
    I love spider! Spider is actually the 9 of Crystals (pentacles/coins) in my deck, so very close. I had to put aside my bias of spider from Native American stories where spider is a trickster spirit and not necessarily goodπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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