Tarot Tuesday – The World, The King of Swords in reverse, and some crystal talk

I finally organized my tarot table in my room aka sanctuary and I am so very happy to have a designated space to sit and mediate, read tarot cards, or just be pensive and contemplative.

Check it out!

The spread in the clip was for New Moon in Libra (on Saturday April 16, 2022) which was also called the Pink Moon. We had overcast skies and then snow later that Easter weekend so that sort of detracted from the whole celestial experience.

Meanwhile, I did a new spread today, in honour of revitalizing Tarot Tuesday. I have been busy busy busy trying to get my branding sorted, and the cards today spoke to me.

Will they speak to you?

This is what I was dealt:

Claudette’s Tarot Tuesday for the Bloggers’ Collective

The World XXI

This is a Major Arcana card and symbolizes the end of the Fool’s journey (see the number on top of the World? The Fool card is labeled 0 and marks the beginning of his journey. When he arrives at the World card he has gone through the entire deck.)

Numerology and synchronicity

The number XXI (21) includes 1 (I in the Roman Numerals, also X – 10) is significant to me as well since I have been bombarded by ones in various patterns for weeks now. I mean, everywhere I look there are combinations of 111 or 1111 or 1001 or 1010…

It probably means something different to each of us, if we happen to be consciously aware of synchronicity, and I have a handy little app that allows me to make notes whenever I feel a need to jot down a thought when I happen to come across such a number pattern.

When you’re shown a synchronistic patterns in your life, take a moment to think about what your just thought about. (get it?) Sometimes, repeated patterns will lead to some inner answer trying to come out, a piece of wisdom you may not know you have within you. I read my notes and see all sorts of magic happen when I look back on my day… but I’ll write about this another time.

The World card meaning

As we all know, life is cyclical. Yes, there is one beginning (birth) and one ending (death) but what matters is the journey in between. If you have been dealt The World, have a look at your recent life experiences.

  • Have you completed something major you’ve been working on?
  • Have you earned a prize or achieved a goal?
  • Has a long project or event come to an end?

The card points to life’s cycles, how they begin and end all through your journey.


There are many symbols in the card which point to lessons, ideas or characterizations. My eyes immediately drew toward the lower right corner, to the lion, which symbolizes strength (as in the Strength card of the Tarot) and is often associated with the Zodiac sign Leo. The bull (Taurus) and the Eagle are also present, as is an angel. I don’t know all of their meanings off-hand, but if you’re interested in searching up their significance, there are many good sites you can choose from. My favorites include biddy tarot, labyrinthos and little red tarot.

The King of Swords reversed

Well when this King showed up in the reverse I was kind of stumped. Swords represent air energy, which incidentally associates with my zodiac sign Libra as well.

Air energy points to thoughts and intellect.

I do have many, many thoughts these days…

Normally, Kings are level-headed, structured, fair leaders and educators. They rule their world with their wisdom acquired over many years. But my card decided to flip itself in the reverse, so I had to go check into its meaning online.

Key words which are used to describe this card include (note: I only included the meanings which apply to me in my circumstances, so this list is not comprehensive):

  • quiet power
  • inner truth
  • irrational
  • lack of discipline
  • weakness

These keywords kind of put me off. I thought, what? I may at times slip into negative or self-limiting headspace, but I’m not cruel or dishonest (words I kept out of my list). So what’s up with this King of Swords? Is it describing a person in my life who treats me this way?

Instead of dwelling on the negative, I searched up a meaning that spoke to me with encouragement and inspiration. Among the few paragraphs in biddy tarot’s card description I found two messages that were point on for my personal situation, but will give an alternate view to those of you who are also less than thrilled when this card shows up in your tarot spread and flips itself into the reverse.

You may not be the loudest person in the room or the most visible on public platforms. However, you have a lot to contribute and share in your own, magical way. Your power and authority come from within, from your unwavering belief in yourself, your deep connection to your values, and your commitment to stand firm in your truth. You do not allow others to steer you off-course, instead preferring to draw your energy from your Higher Self and connect with what truly matters to you.

Biddy Tarot King of Swords reversed

This is sort of how a friend described me once, although he chose different words. I see deeper now that time has passed, and appreciate that this card reminded me of something I had buried rather than processed. I feel like a King of Swords reversed, frankly, and can appreciate this message.

Here is a second part of that message that counters the implied negativity of this card:

The reversed King of Swords can also reflect a lack of decisiveness about where your best opportunities lie or in what direction you want to go. You may also lack the mental clarity to work out what you need to do in your situation. Your thoughts are scattered and may start to feel panicky and out of control. – … this card indicates that you are feeling lost and uncertain about your options, let alone the decisions you need to make. As a result, you are delaying necessary decisions and generally not achieving anything because you are getting so worried.

Biddy Tarot

Although I am not exactly in this position anymore (feeling completely lost, etc) I was at that point not that long ago, feeling overwhelmed, confused but still full of optimism that I do not have to drop anything and can keep going the way I did without worry of consequences such as burnout.

This type of thinking leads to burnout, so don’t listen to me.

The King of Swords in reverse as described by this professional tarot reader puts a spin on the positive simply by drawing awareness of some simple truths.

If you find yourself so filled with creative energy to the point where you want to Do IT ALL and then realize this is neither practical nor advisable, take a moment to reflect.

  • Make some lists
  • Draw some flowcharts on a whiteboard
  • Choose priorities

There is no reason to drop your creative endeavors in my opinion, but sometimes, putting some on hold while concentrating efforts on others will aid in actually completing a project (or three), just like The World card indicated.

The Universe has your back

Some people have their faith, believe in God, or some other entity. I like the idea of a quantum field of energy, called the Universe, having my back. I shuffled my oracle cards and this one popped out (as seen in above in the image).

The presence of love will always cast out fear.

The Universe has your back – Gabrielle Bernstein

No one is going to dispute that love, especially in times of stress, overwhelm or adversity, is misplaced. As far as fear is concerned, there is no better time than right now to overcome that sentiment.

If you want to read further into this, my friend wrote an article about conformity today that had me re-read it twice AND take notes. Fear is very real for many of us: to not forge on with your intent because you’re afraid you might be judged. Right? How can we GenX and Boomer types compete with the Millennials or Generation Z with all their fearless internet superpowers? I urge you to read the article to see what I mean, and you’ll see how it ties in with this post.

Robert Q Watson – Beyond the Hype

The crystal

So I decided to spend a little bit of time looking into the meaning of crystals. Main reason is my brother was given a healing crystal when he was diagnosed with a brain cancer tumor. I have since made him a little pouch to place his crystal into so he can wear it as a necklace rather than just hold it in his hand, which I posted to instagram.

Writerofwordsetc on Instagram

I have received a custom order request to make another one for a client in Australia… If you’d like me to design you one as well, leave me a comment and we’ll talk. I’ll be sure to post my updates on both my regular and my jewelry instagram account.

Mookaite Jasper

This little crystal has earthy energy and is said to balance inner and outer experiences. (Perfect, I need that.) Another message that spoke to me:

Turn failures into a learning experience and start again.”

Interesting note at the bottom of my book points to Leo again (remember the lion I noticed on The World card?).

Thank you for reading my post and welcome back to my Tarot Tuesday. Don’t forget to hit subscribe on my youtube channel so you will be notified when I post there next.

click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD91Hy0NHMUGmcCAfLh4ibw


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I love my new deck of oracle cards The universe has your back! If you’d like to purchase a copy, Amazon has it. Please consider using my affiliate link as I earn a small commission from sales made via my link.

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4 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – The World, The King of Swords in reverse, and some crystal talk

  1. Here’s some more Leo for you… my equivalent of King Of Swords is Lion. Reversed says watch out for your temper and stress. Don’t let your emotions take over your thinking. Balance.

    I’m paraphrasing but, that’s the gist.

    I pulled World on Sunday morning. It would be nice to think this particular cycle we’re in is coming to an end.

    I pulled two aces and a two this morning, so maybe we’re on a new leg of the journeyπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    Love your crystal holder. Has Younger seen it yet?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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