Playing around with my youtube channel

When you’re not feeling well, or overwhelmed, and the words don’t come out, there’s always other technology to play around with, right?

Well I played around with youtube. 🙂

My playlists

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I taped all sorts of weird stuff and posted it to youtube. Examples include how I fried myself an egg and made some coffee one morning, or when I came across something odd around the outside of the house.

If you like this sort of thing, click subscribe and hit the bell so you’ll be notified whenever I feel up to entertaining you without the written word.

Tucker the Beagle (puppy)

I have numerous videos of Tucker, most which are still in my phone. I’m slowly loading them into youtube because my phone is kinda full with all his shenanigans… Some recent ones include Tucker helping with the plumbing, and Tucker stealing a towel, Tucker refusing to sit because he hates his coat, and this rather pathetic one where he is sooo sad for having to wear a harness

Rink life

There’s also a rink life playlist which mostly consists of ringette or learn to skate videos… I wouldn’t be Canadian or worthy my hockey mom or ringette mom title if I didn’t post some of these… There’ a very cute clip of my 14 year old daughter teaching a 3 year old girl how to get up from the ice on her own during a Learn to Skate program where she was an assistant coach.

How do you do it

I started this playlist thinking I might post some answers to questions that people ask me sometimes on the blog, or via email, including a few WordPress tricks etc, but I’ve neglected this playlist. It’ll stay here for now with one video. If want to learn how to crochet like a European (me) I’m showing you how here.


In this playlist I taped myself working out as a way to stay motivated. I mean, I like working out most of the times, but some days I don’t feel like it. The progress in these videos I made make me feel good about myself and that is empowering to keep going.

Most videos remain in my phone, but I’m slowing loading them to the playlists

This clip is me doing the float between plank and downward dog. The other clip has me lifting weights behind my head… that was really difficult to master, but I didn’t give up. Moral of the story here is “If I can do it, so can you”. 🙂

One of my videos where I do a side plank did not get loaded to youtube, but you can watch it here. I’m quite proud of myself for getting to that point; it took 4 months of regular training (3x per week) to master the side plank. So, again, if you think this is beyond you, I’m telling you it’s not. Because “If I can do it, so can you”.

Thank you for dropping by my blog!

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