Pile it on

I wrote this Tuesday evening and forgot to post it.ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ

You need me to do something for you? BRING IT.

Everyone else does.

What’s one more thing? Just send it my way. I’ll handle it.

DO IT. I dare you. Give me something more to do. I have time between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, although I just remembered Tucker needs a lunchtime walk or he might drive all of us batty with his boundless youthful Beagle energy, so keep that in mind.

I’ll fit you and your demands in between 12:30 and 1:30, k? Just give me a little notice.

And no, I’m not available in the early wee hours. Sorry. I used to be an early riser but lately that’s hit and miss. I might be up but I might not be coherent to work at whatever it is you need me to do for you, so I prefer to work on it at lunch time-ish. Before then I’m busy driving between 8 and 10 am and again 2 and 4:30-ish pm…

You could, theoretically, catch me after dinner but keep in mind as of 8 pm I am out of commission. I get tired easily these days… But then again, if you’re desperate, send it anyway, because WHO NEEDS SLEEP? Not me. If you need me to meet your demands then go ahead, send them. I’ll work on them on my futon, propped against my five pillows.

I’m exaggerating a little, of course, for comic effect. Whatever. All I’m saying is, things are busy in ways they usually aren’t, meaning, most of what I do now and for the foreseeable future are catered to other people and my own work, desires and projects have been pushed to the back burner. Meh.

My time will come. I know this for a fact. (Also, I’ve been saying this for a while but I’m a few steps closer every time I do say these things…)

Of course some of you might say ‘well, stop blogging’ so you can get some work done right now but you see, I just got home from an almost 2 hour trip with a teenager who is prepping for his driving test later this week. He’s not certified to drive highways yet so we had to take the back routes which was fine and dandy and he did well but it took quite a bit longer.

We could have been home in an hour and 15 if I had driven home on the highways instead of letting the teen practice which took an hour and 45 on the back roads plus an extra 20 minutes detour because he missed a turn.

But the detour was not in vain because I discovered a new nail salon which we passed on our way through a residential area. I might give them a try and hope I won’t be exposed to another witch.

Anyway, mom had Tucker entertained while I was chauffeuring and supervising the driving teenager which was so helpful. AND, she made us bruschettas with olives, tomatoes, mozzarella and garlic which smelled fantastic and tasted even better, so I wolfed down about four pieces when my son and I got home. I won’t be eating dinner tonight, I’m quite satisfied and in no need to have a full-fledged meal now. Not like the teenager who could eat full-fledged meals six times per day and still be hungry.


Anyway when I came into my room and shut the door, which many of you know is a sanctuary for me, I started focusing on my jewelry store which I was going to release LAST week. But then life happened and so did covid yada yada half the family is sick and sequestered which means I had to put my stuff on hold. Again.

That fine. I’m a mom first. The sick are sequestered in the city, the healthy (boy and dog) are with me and my mom in the burbs, hence all the extra driving.

So while I was in here in my room, full of bruschettas and intent to get my jewelry store finished, I found myself unable to focus.

I’m tired, you know? I’ve had a busy couple of days which began Monday with a car mechanical, and things just went south from there. The rest of the week is going to be just as busy but hopefully without further car mechanicals, so I don’t know when I’ll get to finish my store.

Never mind my writing ambitions. Blogging is pretty much all I can muster.

AND THEN, the unthinkable happened.

I heard a weird noise at the door to my sanctuary. I had my headset on and was listening to a Chakra Healing Music thing on youtube when the weird noise kept getting louder. I unplugged myself thinking it’s Tucker when suddenly…

…the teenager was standing in my room.

I was stunned. Did he forget that NO ONE is allowed into this room when the door is shut?

As I lectured this boy about never entering my sanctuary without texting me for permission first (or at least knocking without entering until I give permission) he crashed onto my futon and started rambling about a Jay’s game he was going to on Friday night blah blah blah. (Baseball: Blue Jays against Texas. Yikes. ðŸ˜ģðŸĪŠ)


He wants a pickup on Friday night. I told him to take the train into the burbs and I’ll pick him up at the train station after the game. That’s a 10 minute drive for me and not the end of the world. Heading into the city would be 40 min or more.

“I’m not driving into the city to pick you up,” I told him. “11 pm is well past my bedtime.”

But I don’t mind. Not really. I may even go sit at the little Thai shop across the train station and wait for him there on Friday night… treat myself to a little snack. (Probably not.)

After he left my sanctuary to do homework or eat dinner or do whatever it is that teenagers do at 6 pm on a school night, I contemplated whether I should move a piece of furniture in front of my door to keep the boy and the dog out of my room. Because Tucker crashes in here whenever he wants to as well…

Instead, I made this:

Maybe my son will teach the Beagle to read 😎

Don’t worry. Everything is fine. I’m fine. Just extra busy. I’m actually quite happy that the boy is living with me for a while because I don’t get a lot of chances to bond with him. Since I brought him to my mom’s place to live with us while the other two battle their diseases we’ve had a chance to reconnect in ways that wasn’t possible over the past two years or so. The family dynamic, the house situation, and a number of other issues had caused a rift between my boy and I but it looks like his stint with me and grandma here in the burbs has already improved our connection. I mean, besides the barging in thing – I’m going to fix that immediately and have faith that he will not only respect my boundaries but teach the dog to do the same. 😀


And bonus? Grandma has a job for him to do. He had affixed the Christmas lights and cleaned the gutters last fall, and she asked him to remove them and clean the gutters now that we’re finally (hopefully) entering spring.

It’s going to be a busy, but good week, I think.

So there you go. Another rambling blog post from me to you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to double check the lock on my door and figure out which furniture piece I could place in front of it to assure my complete and oh so treasured privacy in this little room of mine. 🙂

Thank you for reading my post!

See you in the comments.

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