Holding patterns

This is what my life feels like at the moment – suspended in a holding pattern. Like those planes, when they try to land at an airport but the airport is busy and the incoming plane has to wait its turn for a designated time slot to begin approach. They stack them, like a coil in the sky…

Anyway, I won’t go on about it, but today’s holding pattern (I have multiple ones, ugh) is brought to you by covid. Meh.

The reason it’s so complicated to make a decision about anything in my region is because there are different mandates and protocols on how to act based on ever-changing rules and protocols. So, if a certain classroom reports a covid case, then x has to happen, which then trickles to the recreational activities outside of the school environment affecting the kids and their families, teams and community in multiple ways. It’s complicated, because you can’t just follow the provincial protocols, you have to check with the municipal ones which may have added protocols (for us that’s Toronto Public Health) and then you have to check with the hockey league Return To Play protocols and the ringette association protocols AND THEN you have to check with the individual rinks who may have additional protocols…

Exhausting, isn’t it. I need a spreadsheet and a secretary to keep on top of it. 😀

I’m not suggesting we go back to lockdown, or even a more restrictive way of life, god no. But must it be so complicated?

I noticed too, since they lifted the mask mandate (it’s optional whether you wear a mask or not, unless you’re in certain places that still require them such as mass transit, hospital environments etc) the covid cases I’m aware of inside my orbit are affecting people who still wear the masks…

How ironic.

I still wear my mask in most places. I live with an elderly person, and I want, NEED, for the kids to have as normal a life as possible after all this sequestered time in their rooms, so I do what I can. I’m unconvinced however that it’s a foolproof method. This is not an invitation to debate why one should, or shouldn’t wear masks – you do what you feel is necessary and best, and leave it at that. I’m just giving you a glimpse into how things are here for me and my family.

I’m so over this whole thing. But, as I said, I’m subjected to follow all the above-stated protocols and it is what it is. Since I’m concerned about my own kids’ mental health, I do what is expected of me, act like a sheep, and hope that sooner or later, sanity will return.

I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway, the sun is out. It’s quite cold, but the sun is lovely to see after so many days of grey overcast skies and snowflakes…

Tucker was here for a bit yesterday, racing around my mom’s backyard. I surveyed the lawn later, after he left, and because the snow is all melted now, and the grass hasn’t begun to sprout yet, he made quite a mess. Mud everywhere.

We need a few days of warmth to dry the spongy soil, then some raking to freshen up the grass. Hopefully the trees and bushes will begin to sprout soon, as well. We could use some colour (flowers, greenery) just to brighten up the dreariness that is early spring in my area.

There isn’t much update on my brother’s situation, for those of you who are in the loop. That’s the other holding patterns.

Stay tuned for my new jewelry store update. I have created a few new pieces, and plan on unveiling new things soon. I’m this close to finalizing the store details, and then I’ll send it out across my social media streams.

Thank you for reading my post! See you in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Holding patterns

  1. I found it really interesting while I was in the hospital that patients were allowed to be unmasked while on our own ward, although staff and visitors had to be masked at all times. I can only imagine how crazy-making it must be to have to deal with all of the different restrictions in different places.

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  2. I’m starting to think that it’s not all Covid related. So tired of that conclusion always being offered, it is possible to still get allergies, a cold, the flu, pneumonia ect yet those illnesses have been brushed aside these days.

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  3. Yay! Sunshine… that’s a positive thing to rejoice! I wanna sing the Beatles “Here Comes The Sun”🎶💃🏼 but since my singing voice is painful to others, I’ll refrain 😉

    And I say, it’s all right


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  4. I remember when this pandemic first started and I thought it was going to be 2 weeks or 6 weeks of lockdown and things would be back to normal. Hah! The way back to “normal” is complicated. Sending my best!

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