Evil spell

A few weeks ago I had a first-time experience at a nail salon. 💅

My 14 year old daughter was staying with me and my mom over parts of her spring break when she approached me with this:

“I know you’ve never been to a nail salon,” she said. “I thought it might be fun for us to do this together.”

Now, how can I say no to such a cute invitation?

She handled the booking of the appointment and the next day, we went.

Sonja opted for these long, artistically painted nails you glue on, and I opted for a simple manicure with a dark-ish colour. I was done before she was, but it was still an interesting experience. Of course I took pictures because that’s the way the cookie crumbles with me…

My nail lady was older than the one my daughter had, maybe middle age but not over 50. When she discovered I had a hearing issue (we were still under a mask mandate), she refused to speak to me and simply pointed to what she wanted me to do. I thought she was weird… but not weird weird. (I don’t know how to explain it…)

I’d never had a manicure before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out it’s quite the production. There are many steps in manicures… and these special blue lights I have to put my hand under to dry, which my daughter explained had to do with some specialized nail polish called gel. (I don’t know…)

Anyway, the nail lady had the bottle of polish secured by her fingers in the palm of her hand. At the same time, she was twisting my fingers around to help accommodate her work on each nail individually. When she got to my thumb, she kind of yanked me a little which surprised me and I twitched which made her drop the polish on her apron.

She looked at me with pure evil.

I apologized quietly and adjusted my hand to help her hold my thumb better but she dropped my hand and dealt with her apron, making a big fuss about how difficult it was to get the stain out.

Then she looked up and cast an evil spell on me. 😳

Seriously, for a moment there I was a little shaken. What was happening?

I glanced at my daughter worryingly, but she was oblivious to my troubles.

daughter immersed in her nail experience

The vibe between me and the witchy nail salon lady changed from frosty to strained. Clearly, she thought I did something to cause her to drop the nail polish bottle and stain her apron. I don’t know if she had a bad day or if she was just moody or if that was just her personality or if she didn’t like me or if she was put out that I had trouble hearing behind the mask or what the problem was, but she definitely cast a spell on me. 😬

I gathered myself quickly.

After all, we all know that I’m a much more powerful witch than she is.


Morticia Addams, my hero

My finished manicure looked like this:

my manicure

Anyway, the main thing was that Sonja was happy with her final presentation.

I liked the first part but she wasn’t finished:

Daughter’s pre-painted manicure

When she was finished, it looked like this:

Daughter’s manicure

The first thing that popped into my head was how she was going to wear her hockey gloves.

“Don’t worry, mom,” she said. “I know what to do.”

I’ll tell you about that event another time. Because, as I’m sure you can predict, there is this whole thing that happened the next time she had to go to the rink. 🙂

me as the perfect witch – Halloween Oct 2019

Thank you for reading my post.

See you in the comments.

33 thoughts on “Evil spell

  1. You have very pretty hands and nails. I like them short too but I have stubby ugly hands and I’ve always bitten my nails unconsciously due to anxiety. I need to stop. If you’re ever in Singapore or Asia, the nail salon experience is much gentler here. More pampering. I like foot massages and facials best.

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  2. I went every two weeks for years. However, when my nail salon closed I never really found one I totally liked as much. I went to one that was ok but that salon had the men doing nails and the women doing toes. I loved my nail guy, he was gentle, but the girls were not. It’s weird, but I find now that I am older I have arthritis and my hands and feet are very sensitive and so the least little tug will be painful. Right now in cancer treatment I don’t do my nails. They are too brittle from the chemo drugs. However, I have to say I used to look forward to going and relaxing in the massage chairs. They felt wonderful on my back. I haven’t gone in several years but look forward to going again one of these days. There’s nothing prettier than a good mani and pedi.

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  3. I know for many getting manicures/pedicures on a regular basis makes them feel good, but…no thanks- for many reasons and I think I sound judgmental and preachy if I go into those reasons…so to each their own. I have been thinking about you, just this morning again and hoping all is well so it was great to see a new post.

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    1. How strange to hear that quite a few people have had negative experiences in nail salons. I wonder if we should investigate this… or someone should.

      And yep. I don’t mind at all claiming that title. Just watch it… 😛


  4. I do my own manicures. I went to a nail salon once for french tips and they looked way too lumpy and I couldn’t type. Then when I had them removed? Omg agony. One of the most painful experiences ever!

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    1. Really?

      I find the whole thing unsuitable, really, even just a nice polish, because it chips so quickly. And, I can’t justify the cost. But my daughter had some birthday money and it was something to do after all these endless lockdowns…not sure I will go back, although I think she will.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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  5. My other half and daughter went out for a manicure a while ago. I got to hear all about the various stages, and the mechanics of it all. It makes christmas presents easy now – buying them all pots of varnish, and cleaner 🙂

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