Inspiring quotes from fellow writers and bloggers

Recently, a few writers/bloggers in my online life have made comments about me as a writer, or about my writing.

These comments are positive reinforcements I need to listen to more than the voice inside my head.

The voice inside my head is irritating and stupid and I’m casting it out with the trash. 🚮

The words below, ironically typed, not spoken, are the ones I need to focus on from this day forward.

Quotes from fellow writers

You’ll never be happy not writing.


You’re weird, and brilliant.


You can’t quit writing. You might stop thinking of it as an income, but you can’t quit. No, no, no, no… not possible. It’s who you ARE. You are a writer of words, or as King says, a “wordsmith”.


Writing is central to who you are.


I actually meant to comment on your writing! It’s REALLY good in those posts. Especially Words, Interrupted. Kind of blew me away, actually…


There were others who encouraged me but I can’t recall all their quotes right now. People like Teresa and LA and Deb and Holly and Matt and Jonathan and Eric and River and Hot Godess and Wynne and many others all said highly encouraging things when I was/am drowning. Thank you. 💗

Here’s the thing:

The words we write to each other, about each other, matter. Especially to those of us who can’t stop writing.

Doesn’t matter where we write or type them, but when they appear in front of us they make something happen. They set some neurological connective activity in motion which spurs us on and inspires us to keep going.

These kind words flow through our bloodstream, take root in our brains, manifest in our present and future.

The value of words

Some of us earn income with/from our words, some of us don’t, and some/many/most have immense potential but are struggling with focus and direction…

We must remember this: all of us matter. Our words matter.

The value in our words isn’t in the money.

Claudette, Writer of Words etc

Money doesn’t define our words.

At least this is what I believe today.

Change in direction

I had to shut everything down recently, and will change direction again at some point. Later, though, not right now. I have a family medical emergency at the moment that is taking up time and energy, but you know me, I keep typing because I can’t help myself. 🤷‍♀️ Right through emergencies and drama and upheaval. 😉

I realize I should probably acquire some professional help to get things officially started with my writing business, but I can’t afford to pay for it so I will keep going the way I always did:

Trial and error.

There is no failure, right? Each so-called implied *failure* is simply a lesson onto which we build and learn.

Link love

There are a few people I read who share positive quotes on their blogs or in social media. Both Wynne and Ana seek and publish incredible quotes inside their blogging adventures.

Robert, a blogger at Beyond the Hype, has an Instagram stream with daily messages I check in with each morning. He is thinking4tomorrow.


So, this positivity thing has some merit, it seems. 😀

The end of March Break is upon us, the provincial mask mandate is lifted as of tomorrow (but many people will continue to wear masks in public which is allowed – there is no legislation to prevent mask wearing) and for the first time in a long time (2 years) a semblance of normal appears within grasp here in the Toronto area.

Thank you for reading my post.

30 thoughts on “Inspiring quotes from fellow writers and bloggers

  1. Hope your family medical issue is cleared up soon with a good outcome. That seems to be one thing we’ve all faced at times.
    Regarding writing and positive messages, it’s definitely wonderful to read kind words about our writing or anything else. I’m an optimist and seek the good in a situation or person. If someone is routinely mean, negative, or combative, I turn away because their goal is to dismantle my happiness. They don’t deserve my attention or friendship. If the negativity is coming from someone you can’t get away from, or yourself, that must be quite a challenge. I’m glad you’ve found some positive energy.

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  2. I liked this post because it was genuine, and encouraging. It also was a reminder that the words we say, and the words we write are heard, and we can’t unhear them. Let’s choose them slowly and never regret them.

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  3. Hi Claudette,
    Thank you for the shout-out! It is an honor to be mentioned here.
    Not only you are a great writer, but your energy is contagious. I am always amazed at all you are doing, and all you are getting done. You are like the Energizer Bunny !
    Writing is your drug and medicine!
    Sending you prayers for a good outcome with the family emergency!

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  4. Take care, dear Claudette! I hope everything turns out well for you and your family. You are always very inspiring. I remember your post about the Van Gogh immersive exhibit (and I just looked it up again in your blog 🙂 The show is now in Albuquerque and we already have tickets to go. I probably wouldn’t have cared hadn’t I read your post. Muchas gracias and keep writing, querida!

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  5. Hugs and healing wishes to you and your family, Claudette ❤

    I am honored to be included here. You have been such a source of encouragement for me and I am endlessly grateful to you.

    “These kind words flow through our bloodstream, take root in our brains, manifest in our present and future.” Amen to that! As Dan Harris wrote in his book 10% Happier: “The voice in my head is an asshole.” If we could talk to ourselves the way we talk to our friends we’d be so much better off.
    Thank you, Claudette!

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    1. Your great post and the incredible community surrounding you with positivity and support warms my heart. You deserve all this wonderful kind, caring support. I’ll be sending my own positive vibes & thoughts as you navigate the family emergency. Hugs to you.

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  6. I know I’ve sort of been stuck on the whole “you do you” thing lately-personally. I look at it as a permission to do what feels right for myself but it’s open ended in my view. It also helps me embrace the concept that my life, and me personally never have to be stagnant. I can change things up if I choose, daily or hourly as I need or want. Even though you have a lot to deal with right now your own individual needs and coping can’t be forgotten. You owe that to yourself

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  7. There is so much wisdom is what you shared here. You are right. Our words matter and once we release them, we can’t take them back. They should be used with care and to uplift which is exactly want I see in your writing. Keep doing what is the most important thing to do in that moment and all will align. As a new blogger, the comments from others are very helpful especially those from the community. When a stranger takes the time to leave a comment, I’m blown away. I look forward to reading more words from you Claudette and I’m sending love and light as you go through your family situation!

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  8. Thank you for the shout out, Claudette. Incredibly kind and generous of you – which is another remarkable attribute in addition to your writing skills.

    Speaking of quotes this post reminds me of one, “Whoever walks with the wise will become wise, but the companion of fools suffers harm.” – Solomon

    There is so much wisdom in replacing that voice in our head and surrounding ourselves with people that encourage us. I’ve loved getting to know you and this WordPress community so much for just that reason.

    I’m so sorry about your family medical emergency. Sending great thoughts to you!

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  9. Claudette much ❤️ to you and your family in regards to the crisis. Never an easy road to travel on. As for your writing, yeah it defines you truly. A writer of words: personal, funny, sexy, creative, endearing, loving, intelligent, thoughtful words. 🤗

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