How do you read blogs?

I have some questions:

When you take time to visit favorite blogs, how do you read them? There are many ways to read blogs, which I’m sure you know about. If you don’t, you’ll know more after you read this post because along with the questions I’m also providing some tips.

I appreciate any feedback you’re willing to share. Also, you may notice I’ve done a bit of an overhaul on my website… I’m not finished, but the aim is to streamline and simplify. I have other news, but that will have to wait.

BTW, the photo is of me at a rink a few weeks ago, wearing a hat because it’s cold at the rink, and of course the mask which was (is) still mandated inside any building here in the Toronto area.

So let’s get started with the questions:

How do you read WordPress blog content most of the time?

  1. On mobile/phone
  2. On laptop/desktop/tablet
  3. Depends

Do you use WordPress Reader to consume blog content?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Most of the time
  4. What’s that?

Here’s how to access Reader in mobile (my phone is Android, it may look different in Apple):

Step 1 – click reader at the bottom of your screen

Step 2 – the blogs you follow appear here

Do you ever check the website of the blog you are reading, on a device that isn’t your phone?

(Do you go to and look at the tabs?)

  1. Rarely
  2. Sometimes
  3. When I’m given the link in the post I’m reading/invited to do so

Do you use the search icon to search for specific terms, categories, tags, or topics?

Search field on desktop, laptop etc… (not mobile)

Note: I added this field myself.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I didn’t know about this but good to know

To access the search field in mobile keep reading.

Do you subscribe to receive blog posts by email?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I would if I knew how
  4. I might consider it if I didn’t have to search to find out how

Here’s how: (The subscription field I placed below does not show up in Reader – so weird. It’s the same with polls, they don’t show up in Reader either. To subscribe you have to read this from the website.)


In mobile/phone, do you ever click the menu on the website address to get to the About page or other menu items?

  1. Sometimes
  2. Rarely
  3. Never
  4. How do you do that?
  5. If I’m directed to do so

Here’s how:

Note: you can search for topics in that location as well.

Do you use another method to follow and read blog content, such as RSS, Feedly etc?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about

Thank you for taking the time to provide me with some feedback.

See you in the comments!

24 thoughts on “How do you read blogs?

  1. I usually read blogs off my desktop PC as I find “old school” internet way easier than my phone.

    Here I do use the WP reader but I am interested in the idea of Feedly over following and interacting with blogs that I read over three websites and it’s a system that might work better for me.

    I regularly visit blogs direct at their website as I’m curious by nature and sometimes when overwhelmed by my reading, it can be easier to do this over the people I want to follow in a thorough way to try to keep connected to their life.

    I often do searches for interesting blog content over certain subjects I find interesting.

    I do receive blogs by email here and there at different times but not that often as usually I steer towards the interaction side of things.

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    1. Hi Katy, I responded to your previous comment (where I moaned about feeling invisible) and sent you an email. Twice I think. Perhaps there’s a tech glitch and my message did not reach you?

      Nice to see you reading my blog, and thank you for your feedback on this topic.


      1. It is worrying how my email isn’t working as it should but has happened before so whilst I love email, it’s not reliable with me anymore 100%. Thank you for letting me know and I did get one email from you over establishing the link as it were. I replied to it with a re send of what I originally sent you over my intro hi message and hope you get it this time sort of thing but you hadn’t but yes I got your send. Thank you 🙂 Ok. You mentioned Telegram before so let’s just give that a go? Send me another email with your number or if it works better, ask JB for mine and shoot me a message there first? I don’t log into into it much but I will check it 🙂

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  2. How do you read WordPress blog content most of the time?
    On desktop, though I sometimes look at it briefly on my phone. But to write something (as I am doing now) I’d rather be sitting in front of the computer.
    Do you use WordPress Reader to consume blog content?
    Yes. I have a WordPress blog as well so it takes me directly to WordPress Reader.
    Do you ever check the website of the blog you are reading, on a device that isn’t your phone?
    Sometimes, when I’m given the link in the post I’m reading/invited to do so.
    Do you use the search icon to search for specific terms, categories, tags, or topics?
    Do you subscribe to receive blog posts by email?
    In mobile/phone, do you ever click the menu on the website address to get to the About page or other menu items?
    Do you use another method to follow and read blog content, such as RSS, Feedly etc?

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  3. I read on desktop and I have my favorite blogs emailed to me. Sometimes I do go into the reader but that is mostly to find new sites and to look up past posts that I want to reread or reference.

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  4. Wow…such great questions. So here goes.
    Yes. email sub or follow WP
    No. Don’t usually go to other parts of the blog
    and I have no idea what the rest of the stuff is… perhaps that’s why I do what I do… so much to learn.

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  5. I usually read blogs on my tablet, rarely on my computer and never on my phone (too blind for that}.
    I only use the Reader, and have discovered new blogs or items of interest via search.
    I do receive some blogs by email, though never access them that way. I use the Follow button on WP and read in the Reader.
    I don’t always read the About page, but will if I’m accessing from my computer.
    Here’s the problem with the Reader, once I’m in Comments I can’t go back and look at the post without losing what I’ve already written. So I’m certain I’ve missed some answers.
    So here’s my tip, try using a free Google or Microsoft Form to build your survey and share the link. Or you can use a Survey app like SurveyMonkey. There is a free version. Any of these will help you collect the data you are looking for and even break it down for you into categorical percentages, depending on how you set up the survey.
    Let us know the results. Would love to hear.

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    1. I’ve done polls and surveys using platforms you recommend, but Reader won’t publish them. You have to send people to your website to complete the poll and, as I’ve discovered in the past, a lot of people won’t do this.

      So … I contacted the happiness engineers at WordPress and asked why the polls and surveys don’t show up in Reader and I never got a straight answer. It’s very unfortunate.

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      1. Ah yes! Great point Claudette. Sometimes YouTube videos also don’t open from the reader. For me anyway. Yet sometimes they do. Not sure why, but there are all these issues with the Reader. Yet it is my favoured format for accessing posts. They’re all in one place, easy and convenient, especially from an iPad.

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  6. I do not use WP Reader, I use Feedly.
    I never read blogs on my phone. I read them on my Chromebook.
    Yes I do use the search feature on blogs sometimes.
    I do NOT subscribe to receive blog posts via email. I don’t like to get them via email.

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  7. At home I read on my tablet, on the go my phone. I post using both. I primarily use the reminders of who i am following to read those posts first. Then at some point I will go to the reader to read other people. There are also quite a few blogs that I actually visit because you can’t get certain features if just using reader. I generally use search to find new blogs to follow, although I have followed quite a few blogs from getting to know people in the comments section. When following a new blogs I always hit about…it’s a pet peeve if someone has an about button with nothing there but a generic post about what should be there, that comes with a theme. I rarely ever get emailed unless I have no choice (that is usually the case for blogs). Some people post way too much I don’t like having my email cluttered.p

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  8. I usually read posts on my laptop. I use the Reader, and rarely look at people’s actual websites. I don’t subscribe by email. I rarely use my mobile for blogging, but when I do, it’s just the Reader rather than people’s websites.

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  9. I almost always read on my phone, a Casio ally on my laptop. I rarely go to the websites, about, or search topics. I might try that in the future. I get emails notifications to my favorites. Hope I got to all your questions! 💕C

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  10. Always phone, email now while I’m on semi hiatus, used reader but would go to the site via the little thingy in the lower left, use search occasionally, use the menu for About or Contact for new people or if I wanna contact

    Occasionally I will explore via tabs, but not so much lately cuz time, time, time.

    Did I answer them all?


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  11. Always on my laptop, Reader mostly unless WP is being cranky then I’ll skirt around and go directly to the blog, I wonder around new blog websites to get a feel of the writer, but on laptop as noted, rarely use search but I read my faves daily and so don’t feel the need, only email involvement are notifications for the few non-WP blogs I read such as those still using Blogger/Typepad to post, I do use the menu, again mostly on new to me blogs as I love About pages, don’t use any other reading tools

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  12. I almost always read on my laptop – I get the posts by email. I sometimes will use the Reader on my iPad or phone but since my laptop is where I work, I find it best so I can type faster. When I have time I’ll browse through menus or search but I don’t often have that kind of time.

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  13. I generally read blogs on a desktop.

    I have looked at WordPress Reader a couple of times, but I don’t use it.

    I sometimes look at the website of the blog I’m reading. Normally I read everything in an RSS reader, but I do click through to the page or site if there is some reason to do so.

    I don’t usually search on other blogs. I do sometimes search my own, though, in order to remind myself of what I’ve previously said about a subject.

    I do not receive blog posts by email.

    I don’t usually go to a blog’s about page when using a mobile device, but I will do so if I am in front of my desktop.

    I follow everything using RSS, specifically the NewsBlur RSS reader.

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  14. I use my mobile 95% of the time.
    I always use WordPress reader.
    I check the blog’s website occasionally but not as a rule.
    I never search for topics or terms.
    I never receive by blogs email.
    I always click the About page when I’m considering following someone.
    I tend to stick to one site when I blog, which means if I’m on WordPress… I’m reading WordPress blogs. I can’t stand having to click here and there to find people.
    Hope that helps!

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  15. I usually read WP blogs on a desktop. Never on a phone, sometimes on a tablet.

    I don’t use WP Reader at all. Ever.

    I look at tabs on the blogs I read.

    I don’t use any searches on personal blogs.

    I don’t receive any blogs by email.

    I always look at About pages before I follow a blogger.

    I use Feedly. It rocks.

    I think I answered all your questions! Any more?

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  16. Mostly I read blogs on my phone, about 75% of the time, and the rest of the time I read via my laptop. I always use the WP reader unless someone’s link flings me into a browser (which is super annoying). There are a couple blogspot blogs I have bookmarked, but I usually forget to visit. I never subscribe by email (that would irritate me immensely) and I rarely visit the “About” page. Hth!

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