The missing blue roof

During a particularly discombobulating part of my day, incidentally the day prior to my son’s 17th birthday, I’ve been doing tarot cards all day.

*Doing tarot cards* is ClaudetteSpeak™ for trying to read cards for the Blogger’s Collective on YouTube and failing.

Meaning: I dealt cards and filmed myself reading them but the messages just didn’t make any sense to me so I didn’t post them for you. (You’re welcome. I’m still learning the ins and outs of tarot.)

So, I changed direction and focused on something else and then I was cooking and doing laundry and other domestic things yada yada when suddenly I saw my mom’s tarot cards sitting on a shelf in the living room.

Now, you need to know that my mom has taken all of the Legos my kids aged out of and unpacked them across the main part of the house. She’s putting together every piece of my son and daughter’s vast collection and when it’s all done, I will photograph it and place it on Kijiji and sell it.

We’re hoping it will pay for my son’s last year of hockey…

So picture it, there’s no place to eat because the table is covered with Legos.

Lego Lego everywhere… This is just a fraction, a teeny glimpse into our Lego situation.

There are still a few places to sit in the living room but even those places are partially covered in Legos (couches, chairs, other furniture, the floor, coffee tables, side tables…) 😀

Anyway. I sat down with a cup of tea and shuffle my mom’s cards while my mom sat opposite me with a small box of Legos on her lap searching for a missing piece. The missing piece was a blue roof for a police car or something like that, and it’s been MIA for days.

Earlier we had a short conversation about synchronicity. I had remarked that I am still seeing numbers everywhere but they’re now a different pattern. Instead of seeing

444 1111 222

I’m now seeing

606 909 707 202

1001 1221

717 818 919

They’re still patterns, just different patterns.

So, each time I turned my phone over to consult something, there were the digits indicating the time and lo, there was yet another pattern.

Maybe I’m a witch. 😎

Anyway, returning to the tarot cards, I began to shuffle.

“What do we need to know today?” I asked the tarot or spirit or universe or metaphysical energies swirling around my living room and beyond.

Mom looked up and stared at me. Her hand, still submerged into her box on her lap, was halfway covered with Lego pieces.

“Ask them to find the blue roof,” she said with an eye-rolling expression on her face. She had been looking for the blue roof for a police car for days and still hadn’t come across it.

“It doesn’t work that way,” I retorted as if I was some sort of tarot expert now. 😂

Not. 🙃

I shuffled and a card jumped out, then two more.

Seven of Wands, King of Swords reversed, Six of Cups

I found the wands and sword cards appropriate, but was stumped about the cups. More on that another time.

So, mom and I talked a bit about my cards, but she was distracted by her Legos and then I had to get ready to pick up a kid at her dad’s. I put the cards away.

Next, I drove to the city, was mauled by Tucker the Beagle, had a chat with the family, waited for Sonja to pack the kitchen sink, loaded the car with her gear for her game the next day, drove to an arena to sharpen her skates, found the Pro Shop was closed, drove to the burbs, detoured to another shop which was open, got her skates sharpened, and finally returned to mom’s house.

Just as I stepped into the hallway, my mom approached me and gave me a weird look.

“What did you do with those tarot cards?” she wanted to know.

I hadn’t even taken my coat off yet.

“What?” I said. “They’re back in the box…”

Mom kept looking at me.

“I found the blue roof,” she said, referring to the Lego car she had been trying to finish for days now but couldn’t find that last piece.


99% of you will dismiss this as a freak coincidence. Go ahead. 🤔

I think there’s something else at play.

The tarot cards don’t have magical powers, nor do I – or do I? 🧙 – but there is something going on neurologically speaking, or metaphysically speaking. Something happened in my mom’s subconscious while we went about our thing earlier during the time we focused on the synchronicity conversation and later the tarot cards.

And, she did tell me, albeit jokingly, to ask the tarot about the missing blue roof.

I do know that sometimes, staring at the same thing all day makes you blind. Mom must have had that piece available to her but because she’s been staring at Legos for hours each day, she simply didn’t see it.

As a writer, I understand this, as I’m sure you will too. We can proofread or edit an article to death for hours and the moment we hit publish we see a glaring typo.

Same with Lego pieces. Mom was looking for a gurney for an ambulance a few weeks back. She found one but it was the wrong one. She kept looking but it seemed MIA. She put the ambulance away and then weeks later, the missing gurney popped up.

“It’s been in that same box all along,” she said.

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon… But do we pay attention to it? Most of us just dismiss these things are freak incidences.

Well, I’m paying attention. And I’m learning things that have helped me become more intuitively aware, and present in the present (so to speak) which excites me.

I accept this as a new branch of my journey, the If Not Now, When movement.

What do you do when you come across the so-called coincidences or weird scenarios or happenings in your day-to-day life? Do you see patterns or repetitive symbols and numbers in your daily activities? Do you just dismiss them and forget about them or do you tune into them deeper?

Thank you for reading my post.

5 thoughts on “The missing blue roof

  1. Hi Claudette,
    OMG, We are going through similar experiences with numbers.
    Within the past 2 months I keep seeing the same numbers repeating. At first was just 1111. Then it is 222, 333, 444 and 555. I wake up during the night and look at my clock and it is normally one of those.
    And just yesterday I started noticing other patterns as well.
    I believe it is about the many changes, uncertainties and worries I am going through. I believe those are my angels protecting and guiding me, as well as signs that I am on the right path.
    I believe in the power of the unseen, I believe in miracles, etc, etc.
    Blessings to you!
    ps. so many Legos! I wonder how long will take to get all those completed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m kinda glad Ben never got into Legos. He just had me cutting and taping other things to Frankenstein whatever he was trying to create😂

    I think that any tool we use, like tarot, astrology, or meditation, journaling… whatever gets us to pause and focus, will help tap into our intuition. I think we all know the answers deep down, intuitively or subconsciously, and however we tap into it best is up to the individual.

    You’re right about becoming blind to details by staring at the whole. I think your conversation helped your mom focus her intuitive sense, and relax the chatter and frustration around finding that one little bleepidly bleep bleep piece.

    I wound up doing two tarot pulls for my day today. After I did the first I realized some of the cards had fallen and the deck hadn’t been complete. It’s cuz I fell back to sleep in he middle of it😂😂😂

    I do the pulls while I’m half awake. Shuffling is automatic, so that’s easy. It’s a simple daily thing so no concentration needed. I pull 3, take a picture, then really look at it later when I’m caffienated😂😂😂

    I love synchronicity and noticing patterns helps you focus or reminds you to focus or to trust and rely on your intuitive sense.
    Are you a Good witch or a Bad witch?🌈 👠

    💌💌 🧙‍♀️ 🔮

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