Tarot Tuesday – clarifying cards

I decided, rather than write out a post, to do a video on youtube to get back into the swing of things with my tarot cards.

Multiple topics

  • Repetitive stalking cards (the Two of Pentacles)
  • Clarifying (going deeper into the meaning of one card by drawing more cards)
  • How cards related to each other (the story they tell together as a group rather than individually)

I drew a card from my Rider Waite deck and clarified it with two others:

Two of Pentacles clarified by the Knight of Swords and Judgement

I drew a card from my Shadowscape deck and clarified it with two others:

The Fool clarified with the Two of Pentacles and The Hermit.

For those of you who are brave enough to watch the ridiculousness that is mother and daughter testing the sound from a microphone, I invite you to watch this clip below (might be prudent to adjust the sound if you have sleeping babies or elderly people nearby – there are 5 very short and noisy clips here):

If you’re in the market for a tarot card deck and like the two I use, I encourage you to use my Amazon Affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission if you purchase products using my link. Thank you for your support.

So there you have it, Tarot Tuesday is back. Thank you for tuning in, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, like and share it, and do leave comments if you wish, I always look forward to reading feedback from you.

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