New custom designed bracelets, and some happy customer photos

Through twitter, I received a comment from Christine regarding a bracelet I made for myself which I wore for the purpose of showcasing my talents to the internet.

This one:


Christine really like that bracelet and when she discovered it wasn’t for sale I offered to make her a similar one. She in turn suggested her own colours and I went ahead and made 4 bracelets so she could choose the ones she likes.

New products

There is a video of all four bracelets on my arm on my Instragram account writerofwordsjewelry.

The darker green bracelet, and the red and purple bracelet are sold. The other two, the sage green and the red with gold and silver, are still available:

$28 CAD plus shipping costs each.They are double stranded and have a little link chain attached. Note, the bracelets are 8″ in length so if you have a smaller wrist, let me know and I’ll attach an extra couple of jump rings to shorten them.

I made something else while I was sitting in my shop:

Available for sale $18 CAD plus shipping

These resin hoop earrings were inspired by my teen daughter. If you like them and would like to purchase them, drop me a comment and I will set them aside for you. Cost is $18 CAD plus shipping.

Happy Customers

I had recently sent some emails out to customers to let me know if I can share their purchases with my readers on the blog. I received a lot of feedback, thank you kindly!

Here is a sample:

Local Toronto blogger, writer, artist Summerhill Lane

SoCal blogger, Supergrandma and her beautiful spawn

Beautiful author and blogger Teresa Dovalpage

Customer from Kingston, Ontario

There were other customers, from Seattle and Florida, Toronto, and Ottawa among other places, which I will feature soon. Thank you to all who have purchased my jewelry, and stay tuned, I may be switching my shop to an easier platform.

As always, thank you for visiting my blog, and see you in the comments.

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