The meaning of numbers – so many 2s

On Tuesday (2sday), February (02) 22, 2022 at 2:22 pm I was busy lugging a hockey bag to the car in the pissing rain.

02/22/2022 at 2:22 pm

All day I’d been sending messages to people to look out for 2:22 pm on that special day. All day I anticipated this time so I could mark it as special and be divinely inspired (or something).

But then I got sidetracked and suddenly I was late to pick up kids, and it was raining, and the boy had a hockey tryout so I had to get his gear into the car because there wasn’t enough time to come home to pick it up yada yada… I missed the whole event.

But that’s not the end of my number 2 thing I experienced this week. It’s been… weird. Like I live in some sort of alternate dimension.

On Monday, February 21 (02/21/2022 – this is important) I was walking Tucker through the campus near the house. The weather was gloomy, and I was feeling a bit down. To keep myself from falling into the deep abyss I seem to be teetering on, I plugged myself into some youtube videos.

One of my favorite tarot readers popped up with a reading for the Libra collective. I listened actively while I walked the little beagle hound around the puddles of melting snow banks and muddy patches of lawn.

Here’s what happened.

I was deeply entrenched in the reading when suddenly, she pulled some numerology card.

It had the number 20 on it.

At the exact moment she mentioned the number 20, I saw this in my line of vision:

I was so stunned I stopped short which earned me a beaglish look from Tucker.

I realize the number up on that building is 21, but it contains the number 20.

My brain computed like crazy: it’s the 21st, I’m looking at 21 while I’m listening to a voice talking about 20… Multiple senses were activated by this crazy coincidence.


I tied Tucker to a tree so I could snap a photo. (Sorry for the fuzziness, I didn’t stop long enough to zoom and fool around with filters.)

After I untied Tucker, I continued walking and listened to the interpretation of the number 20. Here’s what she said (condensed):

Number 20

Nothing real can be threatened.

The reader read the question on her number 20 card before continuing with the message:

How can you actively participate in creating heaven on earth?

  • Nothing real can be threatened.
  • Nothing unreal exists.
  • The most important things in life are not the things we have been taught to focus on.
  • When you go inward into your heart, you will see the areas of your life that feel inauthentic.
  • At times, life can feel out of control and overwhelming, but when you remind yourself where your true power lies, connected to source energy and divine love, all illusions fall away.
  • The love within you can pull you into a more peaceful state.
  • When you look outside of yourself, you can easily fall into worry and feel hopeless, yet the outside world is only a reflection of your internal state.

See how they do that here? If you feel hopeless and fearful then you will project that onto your outside world.

  • Look at your inner world and care for it.
  • Make choices that are aligned with your truth (that of love).
  • See the world within you as a beautiful place where all possibilities can manifest.
  • Fear and doubt will try to threaten, but love cannot be threatened.
  • When you are aligned with your truth, (that of love) nothing can harm you.

It always starts with you.

You are the creator of your experience.

I was so grateful for this numerical analysis that I went home and pulled up the transcript and made these notes.

But then, this happened:

The next day was February 22, 2022 (the day of the hockey bag fiasco). The same tarot reader did a portal reading on youtube about the significance of this date. I saw it and clicked on it.

No word of a lie, she pulled number 21. That’s the number I saw on the building the day before…

Don’t you find this weird?

I do. I find it perplexing, but in a good way…

Coincidences mean something. You can deny it all you want, but they mean something. Pay attention when you see them.

Claudette, Writer of Words etc

Number 21

The number refers to resilience.

I am in dire need of resilience to push forward and learn all the lessons imparted on me in the last few days. This number appearing at a time when I needed the reminder is like a message I was meant to see and hear. It appeared twice in my life now, ironically on days when the twos (2s) were already overwhelmingly present (February is the second month, Tuesday has the word two in it, day 22, year 2022, and the clock shows us twos all day long…)

Here are more notes about the number 21:

Mistakes and failure are information gathering.

How wonderful is that?

The less drama and guilt and shame we attach to our mistakes and failures, the better it is for us.

Why focus on the mistakes and failure? It will just attract more of the same…

The experience of mistakes and failures is simply one of learning.

I cannot tell you how deeply affected I am by this. If you’re a long-term follower and reader of mine you know about my If Not Now When journey.

Well, I wanted experiences, and here I am experiencing experiences. Some are joyful and happy, others leave me confused and heartbroken, but all of them lead to information gathering.

Build resilience with your experience as an insurance policy against being devastated by the opinions of others.

Another way of saying this:

The opinions of others is really only a piece of information gathering.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! As always, I look forward to the comments.

14 thoughts on “The meaning of numbers – so many 2s

  1. “Mistakes and failures are information gathering”! I love this and agree. When we have an understanding that failure is something not working as expected and there is so much to learn from it, we can free ourselves to try things that we would otherwise be afraid to try.

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    1. I like this quote too. I try not to hang on to it everyday as I’m letting go of past, and its mistakes, but choosing to live in the present instead. It’s a learning curve and takes time but I’m noticing the difference in mindset. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love those signs and synchronicities. They all have meaning. It is fun trying to decipher those meanings.
    I was not waiting for 2:22pm. I didn’t even think about it, and yet I looked up and saw it on my computer. I stopped and took a picture. 🙂
    Stay away from the abyss!! Blessings to you! ♥

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  3. This is fascinating. I don’t believe in “coincidence” either. I am guilty of projecting negative shit when I overthink everything and fall prey to the asshole voice in my head. Ongoing struggle with that. Thanks for this post, Claudette

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    1. OMG I do that. I can’t silence my voice either at times. It’s so annoying… But I’m learning. As I’m listening to these videos or podcasts, I keep thinking, millions of people are doing it. So can I. (And you.)


  4. Dude, the only opinion that matters about you is your own. Yes, we all want to be liked, respected, blah blah blah… but you are the only person you have to live with, truly BE with, for your entire life.

    I totally believe in synchronicity and I’m ALWAYS listening.

    I had a chat with a friend recently about “juvenile humor” and it made me think… holding on to our “childlike” sense of magic, wonder, awe… and not taking ourselves so very seriously can be liberating! We need to PLAY. We have adult responsibilities, yes, but… we need to hold onto that child’s viewpoint too.
    That’s my “two” cents worth😉💌💌

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