Navigating the Change essay contest: body positivity

Did you know I have an article posted in Navigating the Change, called Digestive Health in Midlife?

Navigating the Change is a website designed and launched by KE Garland.

She invited a group of bloggers to submit articles about ‘the Change’ with its primary focus on navigating the journey of hormonal fluctuations, mood swings, nutrition, weight gain and loss, bloating, fitness and all the other gory stuff that happens at one time or another to women when they enter peri- and then menopause. Check out the website, there are relatable articles for everyone.

Note: I’ve had some men comment on my digestive health article – how refreshing is that?

We often forget (or dismiss) that men have their own body and health challenges in midlife. Nice to see them take an interest in this website and its articles.

Now there is an essay contest you can participate in.

Click this link for the blog post describing the details:

Body Positivity Essay Contest

This is what’s posted on Instagram:

I’ve taken an interest in this contest, but almost forgot about it until both Kelly and LA reminded me with their social media campaigns or nudges. šŸ™‚

I started writing my essay this morning, but it’s unrefined and a bit of a mess, like most of my essays are when I write without editing. As soon as I’ve published this post, I will go have a look at my word count and do a re-read and edit.


Submit your essay to


February 12, 2022

and don’t forget to follow the directions!

Regardless of what happens in terms of winning a prize (or not), we all have an important story to share about our bodies, self-image and how it affected us over the years.

So take a look at the website and the contest details and join a group of interesting women by sharing your story about body positivity.

Looking forward to reading them all.

16 thoughts on “Navigating the Change essay contest: body positivity

    1. I have several men in my tribe who read this stuff, which is interesting to me.

      This particular contest isn’t designed for the men, as it’s specific to female body positivity in or around menopause…but I wonder sometimes what they could contribute when they observe the wives, moms etc… perhaps something to consider next time?

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      1. Yeah, I have a plan for June. It won’t be a contest, but I’m inviting specific men to write about menopause from their perspective, so if you know anyone, shoot them my way.

        Liked by 1 person

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