Little Miss Clumsy

A few days ago I accompanied my mom to the fracture clinic at the local hospital, a sprawling, relatively new and very modern building about 15 minutes from the house.

My mom’s broken femur has healed quite nicely and she’s almost back to normal in terms of mobility, quite a feat for a senior over 70.

But, the day we had to head to the appointment was the day after we had about three feet of snow dumped on us. The following morning, most of the roads and parking lots were plowed, but it was icy in some spots.

Mom decided to bring her crutch along, just as an added precaution, even though she hadn’t been using it for several weeks now.

So picture us two walking from the parking lot, down a long hallway, past the covid check points into a very large lobby, side by side, mom with her crutch and me in my high heeled boots.

Guess which one of us tripped and fell down.


So embarrassing. So there I was, face forward on my knees, looking up at my mom and her crutch, feeling like a complete idiot. I looked behind me and under me to see what I could have tripped on, but there was nothing. Maybe some water from my boots… but nothing significant.

As I was rearranging myself back into an upright position I saw in my peripheral vision someone approach me. I looked up and noticed this cute young guy, a paramedic or something, walking toward me.

Even more embarrassing.

He and another paramedic were flanking a patient in a wheelchair when they saw me crash for no reason.


Anyway, I managed to get back up somewhat gracefully and told the guy not to worry.

“I slipped on some water,” I said and continued on my way.

That’s what I came up with. Water. πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

My mom stayed beside me as we walked into the next hallway. I wondered what she was thinking, but I was too worried the two paramedics would follow us.

I did not want the two paramedics to follow us.


When we got to the registration part of the fracture clinic, mom said:

“Well, at least you’re already IN the hospital.”


Anyway, just a little tip for those of you who are wasting enormous amounts of time on dating apps. Have yourself a little trip on some water in a hospital and let the cute paramedic help you up.


21 thoughts on “Little Miss Clumsy

  1. I am terminally clumsy and have always fallen, for no reason, and always in the most embarrassing places. OMG. This is a well-known fact and joke among all who’ve known me for a while. In college, friends in DIFFERENT STATES would call me because they heard I’d had another epic fall (e.g., down the circular staircase of the Student Center on campus, at lunchtime). I say this because never have I drawn the attention of any cute person. Damn it! What have I been doing wrong?

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  2. Why is it so enormously embarrassing to take a simple fall? Even if I’m in pain, I’ll look around to see if anyone witnessed the tumble, and then jump to my feet as if I just landed a complicated gymnastic move! Mortifying is the word that comes to mind, but not so bad when a couple of cuties come to your rescue! Love your Mom’s comment, hysterical, hope you didn’t have any delayed pain, hugs, C

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