About my beads: lava rocks, rose quartz

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As you may know I’ve been designing beaded jewelry. Lately, I’ve become fascinated with lava beads featured heavily in my recent designs. I ordered some kits and experimented with mixing lava rock, rose quartz, agate, howlite, glass and medal beads together into simple but unique designs.

It might be worth noting I never heard of lava beads before. Turns out many people haven’t.

So here is a description of some the specialty beads I use in my designs, simplified.

Lava rock beads

These lava beads are not uniform in shape as they are formed from naturally occurring lava rock.

You can see how porous they are which makes them both unique in terms of style and functional in terms of their ability to absorb essential oils. Lava rock bracelets are often labeled diffuser bracelets for this reason.

Dyed and plain lava rock beads

I ordered a lot that had a few samples of dyed lava rocks, but most were black. The black ones came in different sizes, ranging from 4 to 8 mm.

Recently I ordered some white lava beads to accentuate the Valentine’s Day collection.

White dyed lava rock beads with heart charms – $25 CAD

All above bracelets are available for sale, and are or will be featured on both Instagram and Etsy. Shipping is not included in the price. Please estimate about $10 for shipping (untracked with Canada Post – tracking will incur additional fees).

Rose Quartz

This gemstone, so delicate in its pink hue, is also called hyaline quartz. It’s said to have healing properties and is associated with love and compassion.

Rose Quartz is linked to the zodiac sign Libra ♎⚖️ and Taurus ♉🐂 and Venus, the planet who rules love💘.

This particular gemstone enhances my Valentine collection. I love its translucency which is surprising as I’m typically drawn to bolder, punchier colours.

When my local craft store marked a bunch of heart-shaped charms as clearance items, I bought some and began designing for a Valentine collection. The rose quartz beads seemed appropriate, and looked especially nice when mixed with the white lava rock beads.

I will be posting updates on my jewelry page, on instagram and etsy over the coming days.

Chinese New Year is on February 1, 2022 and I have many new bracelets I’ll be listing, as well as an ever-growing Valentine’s collection.

Stay tuned, and as always, see you in the comments.

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