Tarot Tuesday – Two of Pentacles

Over the holidays I often shuffled and played with my tarot cards just for fun. Some of the family is interested, and we look at the cards in a low-key sort of way by analyzing the images and symbolism and looking at how they connect to our personal circumstances.

One day, the Two of Pentacles showed up twice. I took that as significant, except I didn’t realize at the time how significant it was.

A conversation with a friend on Boxing Day morning launched me into a déjà vu. We were talking about goals for the new year when he said “you’re juggling so much”.

This phrase sounded familiar and I thought back to where else I heard it mention. At least two other friends said this to me recently…

This plunged me into reflective mode. Am I juggling a lot? Too much? How am I handling it?

Backstory: for the better part of the past year I envisioned a lifestyle that removed me from my current circumstances. I was increasingly unhappy with the limiting environment and dynamic at the house and started to spend more time at my mom’s house. She welcomed the company having recently transitioned into widowhood, then had a freak accident which required full-time care-giving at least in the initial weeks post-surgery. With the pandemic raging on and on, my siblings too far away to assist with the day-to-day care, and the kids’ dad mandated to work from home, it made sense for me to move in and take care of mom until she was back on her feet.

Simultaneously, I decided to update my status as uncoupled.

It’s complicated to explain to others, but the decision was the right one for our family dynamic. Many of you have followed my journey and seen the change described in these pages, with the most recent post about my relationship with my son highlighting one of the most positive outcomes.

Which circles me back to the Two of Pentacles.

Keywords for Two of Pentacles

multiple priorities, juggling, adaptability, finding your balance, adapting to change


infinity sign, turbulent water

What is the person juggling?

The pentacles represent earth energy. Often referred to tactile, physical things, they can also mean less tangible things requiring nurturing: careers, opportunities, wealth.

In this card the pentacles might be associated with opportunities, responsibilities, projects, even roles. Think of the busy mom who is juggling work, raising kids, coaching activities, caregiving relatives, volunteering…

Why is the person dancing?

The dancing in this case points to the person not feeling overwhelmed. He’s not stressed. He’s balancing the multiple priorities with relative success, implied by the infinity sign linking them together. He hasn’t dropped anything yes, is managing quite well, and feels buzzed and energized by his ability to keep going this way.

But most people know if they keep up a heavy work load, even if it seems to be working right now, it might lead to burnout or exhaustion. Just look behind the juggler – there are tall waves with ships bopping up and down, indicating there might be some turbulence up ahead.

The message

I take from this that multiple projects and responsibilities can be managed successfully AS LONG AS one stays focused and on track by organizing, prioritizing and managing time efficiently.

What this card means to me

Use that whiteboard, continue to work on the business plan, stay focused and perhaps create a schedule to help carve out time to deal with each project in an efficient manner. For instance, I have designated Tuesdays at my Tarot day, so I should set aside a day prior to Tuesday to deal with content for both the blog, and the Tarot Snippet playlist on my youtube channel.

Basically, this is the Work Hard Play Hard card. 🙂

Over to youtube

I made a little video to accompany this post. Check out my youtube channel and click on the Tarot Snippets playlist. Today’s video is Tarot Snippet 4.

For more or other tarot card analysis, click here.

8 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – Two of Pentacles

  1. This is so interesting, I haven’t played with tarot cards, and find the symbolism fascinating. Wishing you all the best as you continue to interpret your life and respond to what is right for you. All my best, C

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  2. Don’t forget to schedule some “Claudette Time” on that whiteboard😘
    We caregivers seem to neglect our own needs too often.

    My tarot deck has different animals on each card, and the Two of Crystals (pentacles) is a Kangaroo.

    I’ve had a few cards “stalking” me recently. They’re affirmations which is nice with all the Cuckoo at the Casa😉

    Your tarot journey nudged me into seriously pursuing mine, so Thank You!💌💌

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  3. I appreciate your perspective on your Tarot reading. It struck me how much our own experience/mindset affects our interpretation of everything. Juggling is an art that requires agility, practice, and playfulness. Those are skills we all need every day to manage our lives. Only we can know when things are out of balance. Thank you.

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