Cash deposit into ATMs

A few years ago, the ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) accepted cash and cheques in a provided envelope.

They took away the envelopes some time ago. If you want to feed the machine cash now, you do it without placing your money into the envelope. You just feed it directly into the slot.

This freaks me out.

I had a stash of cash from my jewelry sales I wanted to deposit, so went to the machine. It said to feed each item into the slot “one at a time”.

I had twenty bills…

So I fed the first one in, then tried to put the second one in right behind the first one but the slot slammed shut.

I checked for prompts on the screen and tried again.

Same deal.

So now I had two 20s deposited and another eighteen bills to go in.

Frustrated, I looked for someone to ask. They were all busy with customers.

I went to stand in line.

My issue was the “one at a time” instruction on the machine. Was I doing something wrong?

The lineup was long. And by long I mean five people with three more already with a teller at the counter.

After a couple of minutes, I noticed the line wasn’t moving.

After waiting five more minutes I felt like an idiot. Surely a University educated middle aged woman can figure out an ATM machine?

I debated if I should feed the whole stack in, and maybe film it or at least take pics, but by the time I got back to the ATM someone else was using it and I had errands to run so I skipped it.

I’ll go back on the way home, I figured but then forgot.

I pondered how unfamiliar (especially elderly) people handle these situations. With electronics driving our everyday lives more so now than pre-pandemic, there is no way around it. We have to get comfortable with automation.

At home, I googled, first the bank website, then YouTube.

A guy on YouTube filmed himself depositing $7 in singles (American money but deposited into my Canadian branch). He had his bills stacked and fed them in as a stack, not individually. He filmed the screen and the slot but not the instructions.

I know what I saw, what I read. It said one at a time.

Didn’t it? 🙃

Well maybe I’ll follow up on this post later with pictures. 🤪

19 thoughts on “Cash deposit into ATMs

  1. My bank wants the entire stack. What always cracks me up is when I come directly from getting cash from the machine at Daughter’s bank, to deposit in machine at my bank, and some of the bills are rejected.😲 Is Daughter’s bank giving me fake money??😂😂

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  2. First of all – sounds like great traction on your jewelry sales! Wonderful and well deserved for your lovely pieces!

    And next, I love how you can take a story and make us see the bigger picture of impact to others like seniors. Just beautiful!

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  3. The instructions on my banks ATM is that it accepts up to 50 bills at t time. I’ve done ~twenty $20 bills before and you can hear the machine counting them out. Sometimes it will reject a bill. I always get a receipt.

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  4. I’ve never fed cash into a cashpoint. Actually, I’m struggling to remember the last time I had any cash in my wallet. Probably two years ago. Our entire world has changed over to touch-to-pay for everything. Have you thought about taking card transactions either online, or via one of the little bluetooth gadgets ?

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    1. I do most of my transactions electronically, via phone apps etc just like you.

      But the holiday stand where I sold my jewelry was a cash transaction stand. 😊

      Hence the pile of cash.

      Also, we are in the apocalypse, and a bit of cash on hand is probably not a bad idea. Just saying…🙃

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