YouTube and jewelry and hair cuts

Oh my I’m having so much fun with these videos about my tarot cards learning journey… here’s one I did today if you’re interested in watching and participating.

Note: they’re called snippets for a reason, the reason being they are short. 🙂

December 23, 2021 Tarot Snippet with Writer of Words etc – Seven of Pentacles

Check out my channel and let me know what you think! If you like the content in the Tarot Snippets playlist, hit subscribe, like or comment on a clip, it will help my channel grow.

I will be customizing the channel as I learn how to do this, and make it a little more attractive, but for now, I’m keeping it basic while I dabble in all the other learning curves.

Maybe you noticed I featured some jewelry I made myself in the clip. I can’t believe how many people liked the floated necklace I’m wearing when Sonja and I did the holiday pop-up market – but no one bought it, so I wore it today to feature on youtube.

I think I need to revamp my website’s home page as well, and write a new About Page… things have changed a lot. Stay tuned… I suspect the blog world will be quiet in the coming days and weeks but I’ll be posting. Just sayin’… there’s always time to write some words around here. 😀

Meanwhile, it’s Christmas Eve Eve and I have a hair appointment at a new salon I’ve never been to. According to the GPS it’s’ 8 minutes driving distance from the house so I like that. 🙂 If you watched the clip above you will have noticed my blond streaks are gone. For now… 😈

Next time I film myself, I will have slightly shorter hair, and hopefully some extra layers.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a hair cut…

What is everyone up to for Christmas Eve an Christmas Day? It’ll be quiet for us, quieter than usual, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It will involve a lot of food, but it’s all home-cooked and mostly organic because that’s how my mom cooks. Perhaps some food pictures will find their way into instagram at some point…

Wishing everyone a happy 24th and 25th of December. 🎄🎁🎅

See you in the comments!


4 thoughts on “YouTube and jewelry and hair cuts

  1. Apparently we are getting snow and temps in the teens. That means a quick drive uphill and into the forest to watch the granddaughters open gifts from me tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and then I’m just hunkering down at home until it warms up-they say later in the week. In an early Christmas dinner with son/DIL I was gifted a 1000 piece puzzle. I think that will keep me occupied just fine. Happy Holidays!!

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