Tarot cards and how their messages surprise us

When I dreamed up my latest YouTube idea, I had so many ideas I needed to jot them down. So I did. On post-it notes, in notebooks, in my Evernote app in my phone, in email…

It was a mess. I couldn’t tie anything together and felt overwhelmed and disorganized.

So I went out and bought a dry erase board. It’s a large and relatively heavy one, but I like it.

I needed help hanging it – Sonja was with me for a few days and assisted me with measuring, drilling holes, and using anchors and screws to fasten the board to the wall. We’re a couple of handy chicks, even though the board ended up crooked. 😛

I fixed the misalignment by drilling another hole, adding a new anchor and screw, and it’s still not quite straight.

But this is an old house, and the floor does not line up with the ceiling, and no matter how much I measured, a crooked wall will result in a crooked dry erase board and… I decided I can live with this slight crookedness. 🙂

If I decide I can no longer live with it, I’ll get the drill and adjust it once again. I have all the time in the world with this imminent lockdown situation up on us once again… blah.

One of the projects I’m excited about is my new youtube playlist Tarot Snippets. Some of you saw the sound check videos I did with Sonja (she’s a hoot, that one…the video linked is number 6 and it seems to loop backwards to 5, then 4… don’t ask me why or what happened). 😀

Since that crazy day with the girl child I’ve done a few more videos with varying degrees of success.

The one from today, which was an actual practice of a Tarot Snippet clip, turned out ok.

Latest Tarot Snippet video – 11 minutes – Eight of Wands, The Fool reversed, Wheel of Fortune

These are the cards I talked about in the clip:

Eight of Wands, The Fool reversed, Wheel of Fortune

I think the card combination and pattern was significant in how it resonates to my life.

If you choose any one of these cards yourself while playing with your tarot deck, would you have seen a similar message? I’d be interested in reading your views.

This was my very first time analyzing a combination of cards, rather than just look at each card individually.

Head over to YouTube and check out the clip Tarot Snippet 2 if you’re interested. It would mean a lot to me if you hit subscribe and like. Thank you in advance.

Meanwhile, we are awaiting a white Christmas here in the ‘burbs of Toronto. I thought it had arrived last Saturday when I was driving my niece to the airport in an icky storm with almost zero visibility, but the snow and slush didn’t stick around. For now, there’s mud. Meh.

Thank you for reading this post, and following along my tarot card learning journey! See you in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Tarot cards and how their messages surprise us

  1. Hope you get your white Christmas! The verdict’s still out on whether we’ll have one here, but next week is looking colder and potentially snowy. Fingers crossed!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Yes, even Tucker.

    Liked by 1 person

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