YouTube sound checks – can you hear me?

I loaded a whole bunch of very short clips in the past two days to my Tarot Snippet playlist on my YouTube channel. Today’s is just over a minute long.

The clips with my daughter Sonja in it are quite short too… anyway, if you watch them, might adjust the sound, she makes some irritating funny noises in some of them… (lol)

The two clips yesterday apparently didn’t transmit voice very well (thanks Angie for letting me know to YELL at people). πŸ˜›

Anyway. The first Tarot Snippet yesterday was filmed from my laptop and too quiet. Also I confused the stop and pause buttons so the clip has a part 1 and 2. (I’m learning…)

The sound check today was filmed on my phone. It’s 1 min 14 seconds. This one:

I would appreciate feedback on the sound. Thank you in advance. Let me know if you can hear my voice. I may have to research microphones and things…perhaps Boxing Day sales will see me through some new electronic purchases this year.

What else is new?

The guinea pig is at the vet. His tooth grew so long it curved into his mouth and depressed his tongue. Ugh. Poor guy. He’s getting the tooth clipped today which is why he is at the vet. They do it as an operation.

My teen girl is still with me but she and I will pick up her brother tomorrow and go to the dentist. How exciting. I had to fill out several documents acknowledging that I could very well subject myself to some deadly virus… the extra paperwork in this pandemic is going to be the end of me. πŸ™„

It is what it is. We’re all due a cleaning so we’re going. It’s been two years for me but the kids had one done a year ago.

I’m the only one in the family without cavities. πŸ™‚ (Pass the cookies…)

Speaking of cookies, I have to finish baking some, the girl child bought some sprinkles, and at some point I need some tins to put the cookies into to give away. The list is small this year, and since we’re back in Armageddon, we may as well enjoy our last few hours with some extra sugary treats right after the dentist clears us.


See you over on YouTube!

15 thoughts on “YouTube sound checks – can you hear me?

  1. I cancelled the deep cleaning for my left side today. I have cold symptoms (tested negative for Covid) and didn’t want to share my germs with anyone… ugh.

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