Music Lovers – Chapter 9

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Refresher: Chapter 8 – Deafening silence (Samantha struggled with Adam’s ghosting for an entire week.)

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Anxious to get Friday over with, Samantha went to bed early again on Thursday night, purposely leaving her phone in the laundry room. But she had trouble falling and staying asleep and tossed and turned all night. At one point, she reached for her tablet and watched some soft-core porn just to feel something. She briefly contemplated getting her wand but decided she was too lazy to get up and besides, it probably wasn’t charged anyway. The porn helped bring her to climax, after which she finally fell asleep.

By Friday morning, Samantha woke up late and was beside herself with anxiety. Fearing she’d be late for her meeting, she rushed around to get to work on time. She went into the shower without checking her phone, something that never happened; she didn’t even think of the kids, knowing they would arrive later anyway. It wasn’t until she poured coffee into her travel mug when she finally took her phone off the charger and turned it on.

The elusive text and a delay

Samantha gathered all her work stuff and finally turned her phone around, casting a quick glance at the screen. That’s when she saw the notification, a number she had memorized but deleted from her contact list just a few days ago.

Adam’s number.

Her heart skipped a beat. Was it really him? For a minute, she contemplated putting her stuff down again and check is his message, but then decided against it. If she didn’t leave right now, she’d be late for her meeting.

Flustered and distracted, Samantha struggled with her bag, her coffee and her keys and almost dropped her phone on the pavement. Noticing a thick layer of ice on her car, she realized she was going to lose more time by the need to scrape the windshield.

The message from Adam will simply have to wait.

Samantha placed her phone into her coat pocket and started scraping her windshield, all the while thinking about the notification from Adam. What would the message say? Would he address the ghosting? Did she expect an apology from him?

There was no way of knowing until she had time to check his message, which might not happen until after the meeting she hoped she would still make in time.

While defrosting her car, Samantha noticed a strange transformation seep through her weary body. Despite the lack of sleep over the past couple of nights, she suddenly felt lighter. Elated, even.

Amazing how one little message can lift my spirits by so much, she thought as she navigated the winter streets to the office.

She was so curious what this message said and was tempted a couple of times to reach for her phone when she stopped at a red light.

But she didn’t. Last thing she needed was to cause an accident because of a man whose text she’d been anticipating all week.

Let him wait, she thought, but managed to smile slightly. She couldn’t help feeling happy that he finally reached out. And, what’s more, she was really proud of herself for not having caved into calling him first despite the deep longing she felt for him all week.

When Samantha finally arrived at her office parking lot, she immediately looked for Jim’s car. She didn’t want to bump into him, but knew she still owed him an explanation. She’d been avoiding him, as well has her friend Rebecca, all week. She simply didn’t have it in her to deal with anyone outside work-related obligations right now.

Jim’s car wasn’t in his usual parking spot. Maybe he’s off-site today, she thought. Guilty for feeling relieved, she pushed those sentiments aside.

Now’s not the time to worry about Jim, she reminded herself.

She wanted to get into her office quickly so she could check her phone finally.

Samantha made her way into the building, bypassed the elevator and ran up two flights of stairs until she reached her office and her desk. When she settled into her chair and turned on all her devices, she leaned back and took a sip from her coffee. She was going to cherish reading Adam’s text before rushing off to her meeting.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Samantha looked up and saw Meg pop her head in.

“Meeting’s pushed back half an hour,” she announced. “People are stuck in traffic.”

“Thanks, Meg,” Samantha acknowledged her colleague. “I had a lot of ice to scrape this morning as well. How did you manage?”

“Ah, Rick dropped me,” Meg responded and stepped into Samantha’s office.

“Lucky,” Samantha said and turned her attention to her coat. She knew Meg’s husband worked from home and was able to give her a lift at times. “I’ll see you in a bit, then.”

Meg nodded and took her leave. Finally, Samantha was alone again. With the meeting delayed, she could concentrate on Adam’s text in peace.

She took her phone out of her coat pocket, swiped to wake up her screen and tapped the chat app. There it was, the text from Adam.

Taking a deep breath in, Samantha read his message.

<Good morning Samantha. When you get a moment will you call me?>

Samantha stared at her screen. Her heart, which had just been beating hard and fast, suddenly dropped a few beats.

He wants her to call him? But why?

She re-read the text. Was she missing something? After a week of silence without a word of explanation, he couldn’t even come up with a little apology? Something simple, like ‘sorry I haven’t had a chance to call you’ or something of that nature?

Samantha felt discombobulated by her flustered reaction to his text. She heard her friend Rebecca’s voice inside her head reminding her to never to make assumptions with men.

“Take them at face value,” Rebecca always said. “Never assume something happened until they verify it. In my experience, not many men are good communicators; you may as well accept this.”

At the time, they were talking about men in general, referring to their dating times before smartphones had even been invented. Even before all this tech they relied on now, adequate communication remained a challenge for some men.

Samantha continued to stare at Adam’s text and tried to sort out her emotions. She was happy he finally reached out, that was definitely a good thing. She was also curious what he wanted to talk to her about that required a phone call and couldn’t be sent by text. It must concern something that requires a longer conversation, she thought, otherwise, why wouldn’t he just send her a few short typed sentences like most people do these days?

While Samantha debated what to do with Adam, her work phone started ringing and then someone knocked on her door again. Samantha put her phone away to deal with the start of her work day and get ready for her meeting.

She put Adam out of her mind until lunch.

To be continued – Chapter 10

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