Life, love and charities

Today I donated a small, one-time payment to Wikipedia.

I also have a food box with non-perishables ready for a Christmas donation. Will probably drop it at a fire station next week.

My daughter received hand-me-downs from her older cousin last week which she either wears as is or alters in some way. She inherited the creative gene from me. 😊

I also dropped several bags of no longer used items, clothes and toys at Value Village. They give out coupons which you can apply to shopping in their store. I sometimes buy old jewelry which I cut up, wash and reuse the beads for my jewelry business. 🙃

Speaking of which, I sold two more pieces of jewelry … A heart choker, and one of the snowflake-inspired bracelets.❄️ 🥰✨

You can check out my various places where I promote my collection here. Did I mention they make great little stocking stuffers? 🎅

All this is feeding into my holiday spirit which I mentioned in a previous post: Love doesn’t cost anything. Seems I’m in good company… Many people have similar sentiments.

This morning, I woke up to three emails announcing the totals of my various income streams. I’m learning how to monetize various skills, and getting over the fear of doing instead of hiding in comfort zones. So… that was a pleasant surprise… 🙂 It wasn’t much, but it was more than last month, or the month before, so perhaps I’m on to something…

I have some funny stories to share about my cruising the dating apps… Should I share those?

I’m using some of the fodder from those apps in my Music Lovers story (next few chapters coming soon)… I left off with Samantha, the protagonist, being ghosted by her new lover…

Update: I took the old chapters I wrote before and completely revamped them, changed the plot. Stay tuned… 🤠

That’s it for me today. It’s raining out and quite mild, all the lovely white snow is gone… And along with it the Christmas spirit. I wonder if the Dollarama will spark the missing spirit today? 🙄😐🤷‍♀️

Thank you for reading my post today. See you in the comments.

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