Side-hustle: beaded jewelry update

The other day I saw a young lady I follow on social media. She posted a selfie on instagram.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her wearing one of my bee pendant necklaces! Her mom had bought a bunch of my jewelry which I shipped to Texas and lo, her daughter was wearing it while on social media.

So happy she liked it! ❤

I made more jewelry and posted some on Etsy and Instagram. Mostly Insta… I’m behind in listing and even further behind in marketing, but I also managed to sell a few more pieces. I even made a custom bracelet for a lady in Scotland… 🙂

Then, as is customary this time of year, life happened and we had a snowstorm and I had an outing on Saturday and there were some kid activities involving rinks and baking cookies and, and, and…

I’ll update you another time.

Meanwhile, I’m ready to tackle both writing and the jewelry business. Take a look at some of my new bracelets (below). You can purchase them by contacting me via email, DM on Instagram, or directly from Etsy (I will be uploading new products in the coming days).

If you need some stocking stuffers, a gift for a special lady, or just want to treat yourself and simultaneously support a small Canadian home-based business, look no further.

Here are my latest bracelets:

Prices in CAD $, shipping extra.

Note: shipping in North America is around $10 for a single piece, untracked, small packet via Canada Post. Tracked, express or priority, and other options are more expensive. Please contact me for shipping price estimates.

More products are available here.

Thank you for reading – see you in the comments!

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