That troublesome minute continued

Remember yesterday’s Tucker shenanigans? As predicted, they are continuing today. (I really need to work on my positive manifestations… Sometimes I wonder if I’m creating my own puppy shenanigan reality) 😛

Short version: I’m injured. 🤷‍♀️

The injury is probably minor and will heal relatively quickly if I stay off my feet.


How does one stay off one’s feet when one has a Beagle puppy?????????

Tucker is, as I type this, surveying the outdoor situation in anticipation of his morning walk.

He does not comprehend, nor care, about human injuries.

He’s continually displaying his impatience, letting me know he’s ready, and what’s the hold-up?

He momentarily distracted himself by some tasty smelling toast, knowing full well that his favorite grandma will share her breakfast with him.

That killed about 45 seconds. 😎

Next he gave me The Look.

“See, THIS is how you treat a Beagle,” he seemed to say with those ears up like that… 😄

Thing is, I can barely walk. Somehow, while tiring him out on the spongy lawn out back with an old broom, which he wanted to chase, I twisted something in my right foot. This happened last night. I hoped resting all night will make the pain go away, but no.

Anyway, I will wrap my foot in a bandage and find a way to take poochie for a short walk. Because if I don’t, there will be whining, whimpering and growling coming from the Beagle puppy all live long day today and I really don’t need that.

Also, this is what happened while I got ready to take him for his walk.

He found something in mom’s bedroom that he shouldn’t have, took it anyway, opened it and chewed it. It was a gift from Scotland.



Here’s a preview of what I worked on last night when my package arrived:

Lava beads!

I’ll tell you about my new collection later after I have a chance to upload my latest creations into Etsy and Instagram. 🙂

But first… Gotta deal with Tucker. 😉

23 thoughts on “That troublesome minute continued

  1. I am so sorry you hurt your ankle darling. It is hard to take care of puppy when you cannot walk. Hope it improves quickly.
    I am loving your new jewelry creations. ❤❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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