Wish you were here

Do you know this song by Pink Floyd?

They played this song at highschool dances in my day. Although I didn’t really listen to Pink Floyd much during my adolescence, some of their songs were played often on the radio. This one was hard to miss… And, they still play it today, decades later. A true testament of brilliant genius to the band. 🎶

I was in the car when Q107, a classic rock station, played this song. My built-in radio in my dad’s old car (almost 20 years old) doesn’t have the greatest sound output, so I made a mental note to pull it up on my playlist and listen to it with my headset on later.

Such an awesome song.

Wish You Were Here is not only the title of a song by this band, but also the name of their ninth studio album which was released in 1975. Pink Floyd, if you don’t know them, is an English rock band.

The song triggered something in me though. As I listened to the music and lyrics, I began to reflect about missed opportunities and broken connections.

Isn’t it interesting how a good piece of music, with eloquent lyrics and a timeless vibe, can affect you so deeply, and touch your spirit and soul?

The song stayed with me for some days. Occasionally I pulled it up on my playlist and listen to it while designing jewelry. I loved it, but I had to put it out of my head. I didn’t want to allow it to continue triggering me emotionally.

Fast forward to a few days later. I was at my son’s hockey game at a rink in North York (northern Toronto). He was playing in a tournament, so the arena was buzzing with people. This was the first hockey tournament the boys were playing in since covid started… almost two years ago!

After the game I sat on a bench and waited for my son to emerge out of the dressing room. While I waited, I watched the little groups of masked spectators, mostly parents and extended family, chat with each other.

Suddenly, I spotted a teenager about ten feet away from me. He had his back turned to me. He wore a black hoodie.

It was really strange how I was intuitively guided to look toward this boy. The crowd in the lobby had suddenly parted so I could get a clear view of this kid.

It wasn’t the kid who captured my interest; the entire arena was full of teenage boys. What captured my interest was the words on the back of his hoodie.

Wish you were here

It was perplexing and startled me into a state of mental awareness. That’s the name of the song I’d been listening to for the past few days.

And now, the words were staring right at me from the back of some random kid’s hoodie. Big bold white letters on a black background. I wish I had taken a picture.

What is it about this phrase that triggers me? And, is it stalking me, like the repetitive number sequences I’d been seeing for the past few weeks?

I hoped the boy would turn around so I could see what the front of his hoodie said. Was he wearing a Floyd memorabilia thing from a concert? Is he a fan?

It seems unlikely. I don’t know many teens who listen to, or even know Pink Floyd. (Not in my orbit, anyway.)

I’ve been a little out of sorts since this happened, which was really recently. But until now (early Sunday morning coffee time) I couldn’t find the words to write about it. If you’ve been reading me for a while you know I process things that happen to me by writing about them. I’m still processing this strange scenario but it’s not really giving me an explanation.

What do you make of this situation? Anyone have any wise words?

32 thoughts on “Wish you were here

    1. When I discovered tarot cards I was fascinated with a healthy dose of scepticism. What the cards have done for me is teach me to recognize and acknowledge my own intuition above all else. That’s partly why I see these patterns now. I would have never seen or made the connections a few months or years ago. 😉

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  1. There are no coincidences.
    Accept that you are where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be.
    If it takes wonder and surprise to see that, it is a good thing.
    To notice where we are is always a good thing x

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  2. First off both that song and album were about former lead singer Syd Barret who fell out thanks to a development of paranoid schizophrenia. It was the bands testament to their friend and former bandmate. I think you’d be surprised what kids are into, there is always to be someone out there that enjoys something that isn’t from their generation. I can’t quite pinpoint your experience but this was a fascinating read.

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    1. I know the song was a tribute to Syd Barrett. 🙂

      Ashley commented the hoodie was about something different, but that’s ok, the words connected me to Floyd and the song. 🥰

      Strange how these things develop…


  3. As I never have wise words…well, there’s the obvious…you’re missing something…and you’re looking for it, and if you look hard enough you’ll find the signs in anything. I just read a book where the basis was “no coincidence, no story”….there’s also my personal thing…when a lyric based song moves me, it’s not usually the title…it’s some line in the piece…

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  4. I always believe coincidences are energies alignments to guide us. The Protons Neutrons and Electrons of our life are everywhere, if we play attention to our surrounds. In your heart of hearts, you know what the meaning is.

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  5. Here are some things (coincidences?) that have happened to me at one time or another:

    Thinking of a song, then turning on the radio to discover that it is playing.
    Coming across a same number in different spots.
    Waking up in the middle of the night and guessing the correct time.

    To quote a great thespian: “Is that weird…or what?”

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    1. Some call it manifesting (like in your first example).

      Others point to neurological training of the brain. “Always look at the clock around lunchtime” and you somehow see the same number… Or say out loud “I have to pee every couple of hours all night” and you end up waking up every two hours all night with the need to pee.

      Or it’s some unknown entity or spirit guiding you.

      Or we both need brain surgery. 🤷‍♀️😎

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      1. I’m a big believer in Jung and Synchronicity always makes me🥳💃🏼
        Once your “eyes are open” you see more things… you notice more.

        The other side of that is, you’re actively (though maybe subconsciously) looking for things, so you see them🤷🏼‍♀️

        Only you know what the words and/or music mean to you. Just let life simmer… it’ll come to you.😘

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      2. I know what it’s telling me. I found the method interesting, because it was a switchup from the other methods I was exposed to before. Like the universe is saying “she didn’t catch on with the cards, she’s not getting it with the numbers, let’s try a song” 🤷‍♀️

        Or something. 🥰

        I got your email. I was out all day and night, will respond shortly. And make you a new sun moon star bracelet. 😘


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