Jewelry update – floating beaded necklaces

I designed some new bling because that’s the way the cookie crumbles ’round here, yo! 😀

These necklaces have two strands instead of one. The turquoise one has a dark silver wire, the matte black with purple one has a nylon, invisible cord.

I should have dressed to model for both of these necklaces but I only did for the black and purple one. See the leather accent on my dress? Just imagine me wearing my leather boots with that little number. 😛 (Sorry… been shut in too long, covid be damned.)

Anyway you can purchase these necklaces off my etsy store, or the blocks below using PayPal or credit. Or, you can email me or go to instagram and DM me. Alternately, you can drop by and make your purchase in cash. Ha. 😉

I’m so enjoying designing new pieces. What do you think?

Floating beaded choker necklace in turquoise and black

18 inches with extra links to adjust length $30 CAD plus shipping (It weighs 12 grams which means shipping is less than $10 pending your location)


Floating beaded choker necklace in purple and matte black

18 inches 12 grams $30 CAD plus shipping (less than $10 pending on your location)


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