Music Lovers – Chapter 7

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Reflective drive home

Later that Sunday, Adam arranged for Samantha to get her car back. By the time the afternoon had arrived, she was ready to head home and decompress. She dreaded the coming work week and wondered if she’d be able to concentrate at all.

Unsurprisingly, throughout the drive home, her thoughts kept returning to her night with Adam.

“I’ll call you,” he said in parting. She let him kiss her goodbye, and if the kiss could speak, she took his words at face value.

Which didn’t diminish her slight hesitation when she heard those words. What are his intentions with me? she wondered.

Part of her felt the familiar insecurities return. How many times was she gullible enough to believe men actually do the things they said they would? How many times did she get burned?

Samantha turned onto the highway and began her long trip home in steady traffic. She kept the radio off this time so she could give her thoughts all the space to reflect. She needed to process recent events and figure out how they connected to her personality, her character, and her current situation as a single, middle-aged woman. Her experience with dating went back almost two decades, but perhaps some of those experiences still provided her with some intuitive life lessons which might pertain to her today.

She remembered being ghosted, taken for granted, ignored, neglected… and blamed for her behaviour. “You’re too intense,” they said. Or, “you’ll never get a man if you don’t do this,” referring to certain sexual acts she wasn’t particularly comfortable with.

Samantha chalked all that up to youth and inexperience. Today, she’s neither young nor inexperienced. She knew how to take care of things, of herself. She had confidence and was learning how to be more assertive.

Even her marriage had taught her things over the past 18 years. Tim, her now ex-husband, had treated her well, so she didn’t think she was all the things the men of her past had accused her of. Being married allowed her to relax and just be, and not feel like she was ‘one of many’ dates or lovers, or worse, a backup option.

She really disliked when men treated her as the backup option, yet for years throughout her youth, she tolerated it.

Well, she had no plans to return to that mentality.

Maybe my marriage wasn’t all drama and excitement, Samantha considered. Maybe it was a little routine, and a little dull. But that’s still better than too much drama.

Was it, thought?

Samantha wasn’t so sure anymore. There was something about her marriage that left her restless and bored, the major reason she wanted out. Her aim post-divorce had been to discover what exactly she needed to do in order to feel something, which didn’t necessarily have to include men.

Tim didn’t understand why she was so insistent that they break up, and never seemed to consider that he played a role in her discontent and unhappiness. Samantha tried, often in vain, to inject some adventure into their lives, but Tim was just not into it. He had interests that didn’t stimulate her, and hers seemed to only passively interest him. Eventually, he granted her the separation with little debate for which Samantha was thankful. It reinforced that the separation was the right decision for her.

Except, it took her much longer to adjust to being single again than she had expected. There were very few men she had met in the past year who evoked any sort of feelings in her at all. She dated some randomly in the first few months and then just gave up, choosing solitude and introspection instead.

I’ll get back to it in the spring, she promised herself, and settled into a relaxing routine of Netflix and wine.

But now, she had Adam on her mind. She wasn’t sure what to make of this unusual but exhilarating adventure she had just experienced. Will he call her? Will they see each other again?

“Stop it,” she told herself as she navigated her upcoming exit. “It’s only been an hour since we’ve been apart.” She realized she was getting way ahead of herself.

Samantha shook her head at herself. “No, don’t do this,” she continued, making eye contact with herself in the rear-view mirror. “Don’t let the what-ifs cloud the amazing weekend you just had.”

She really needed to get a grip. Even if this was a one-time thing, she had an amazing weekend, one she’ll never forget.

I had a tryst with a man who desired me, she calmed herself silently. Now I know what that feels like. Besides, we’re both adults, and we can do what we want.

When Samantha finally arrived at her townhouse, she let herself collapse on her chair in her living room, and briefly deliberated what this weekend might mean for her character. She felt changed, reborn somehow. She liked how it made her feel and let herself relax. But how will this impact her future?

Suddenly, she remembered she hadn’t heard from the kids since Friday. They rarely contacted her when they were at their dad’s, but Samantha still wanted to be available to them. She had assured them from the very beginning that they had access to her 24/7.

“No matter what time of day or night, you can always call or text me,” she told them repeatedly. 

They’re teenagers now, which meant they were more interested in their friends than their parents.

Still, Samantha sifted through her chat apps. Just in case one of them had tried to reach her.

She had muted her phone when she was at the concert on Saturday and didn’t even think to turn it on again until just now. When she checked, she realized she missed about seven calls and a string of texts. None of them from the kids though, she noticed. It was her friend Rebecca who texted and called the most, wondering where she was and why she wasn’t picking up.

But Samantha wasn’t into talking with her right now. She made a mental note to call her tomorrow at lunch and went to check on her laundry. She needed work clothes for next week and typically did the laundry on the weekend.

Samantha sighed, got up from her chair, and made her way into her bedroom to retrieve the laundry basket.

To be continued – Chapter 8

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