Music Lovers – Chapter 6

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Foreplay and morning bliss

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Sitting in the hot tub with Adam felt wonderfully relaxing, but also a little naughty. They were both naked, and submersed completely under the bubbling water.

Samantha checked if her breasts were below the surface or if they were visible and in Adam’s line of vision. But Adam’s eyes were closed.

There was, Samantha noticed, enough of her bosom floating above the waves to titillate him, if he were to open his eyes.

She looked back at Adam. He was watching her now and smiling. But he still didn’t say anything.

Samantha decided to just go with the flow. It was obvious they were going to have sex and this was all part of the foreplay. She decided to just let things evolve naturally and enjoy herself. Neither of them had any obligations or distractions to consider at the moment, and frankly, Samantha was ready for a long night of intimacy and passion.

She leaned back into the tub and closed her eyes, keenly aware that her potential lover was still observing her.

One of them was bound to make a move at some point, she knew, but who would start?

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To be continued – Chapter 7

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