Music Lovers – Chapter 5

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Trepidation in the pool hall

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Samantha reached out her hand and touched Adam’s face. Slowly, she traced his cheekbone down to his chin and along his jawline with her fingertips. 

I can’t believe I’m being so forward, Samantha thought again. It seemed a little unusual for her character to be affectionate with a man she barely knew. A man, a celebrity no less, whom she just met 24 hours ago.

Adam stood close to Samantha without touching her. He kept his eyes on her as she caressed his face. 

He smells of soap and shampoo, Samantha thought. And something else. Something…male. Musky.

Samantha kept her hand on his face, feeling the scruffiness on his cheeks and chin. She was lost in thought as she let the stubble on his face distract her mind. She smiled at him and enjoyed the fact that neither of them seemed to be in a hurry to progress things.

Nothing wrong with frantic passion, Samantha thought. But this, this slow burn, this is much nicer the first time.

“I didn’t shave today,” Adam suddenly interrupted her thoughts, sounding apologetic. But he didn’t pull away. Instead, he put his hand on top of Samantha’s as she kept stroking his face.

“I don’t mind,” Samantha assured him. “I like it, your stubble.”

They smiled at each other. Samantha noticed Adam’s blond hair was still damp from the shower and for a moment, he once again reminded her of the youth he used to be. 

Adam let go her hand and stepped forward until his body touched Samantha’s. His arm reached around her waist and he embraced her lightly. 

Samantha felt a little flustered at his intensity, but she didn’t want him to stop. She let her fingers run through his hair, her eyes never leaving his. He captivated her. He was so poised and reserved, it helped her to stay calm as well. Usually, when she was emotional, calm wasn’t something she was very good at. This time, however, she was something more than emotional. This proximity with Adam felt almost ethereal.

He’s going to kiss me, Samantha realized. 

Samantha closed her eyes, and when Adam’s lips met hers, she shivered. Goosebumps covered her skin as she let him kiss her gently and slowly, without hurry. And just like that, her worries disappeared. 

Samantha’s mind went blank as she focused on the sensations of their kiss.

She melted into him, allowing herself to embrace him closer, running her hands down from his face to his chest, feeling the definition of his upper body. When her hand reached his waist, she pulled him closer by his belt hooks on his jeans.

Adam took his time. She could feel his muscles tense as he kissed her deeper, more passionately as the minutes ticked on.

This is just a taste of what’s to come, Samantha thought as their tongues found each other.

They took their time exploring one another, without rush or urgency.

The lingering kiss left Samantha light-headed. The touch of his lips and his roaming hands sent electric currents through her body in ways she’d forgotten were possible. Samantha wrapped her arms around Adam’s back and stroked him along his spine.

It’s been a while, she thought dreamily. A long while.

This level of intimacy woke her up. Samantha had forgotten what it felt like to be desired this way.

Adam’s touch was light but focused. His hands moved slowly along all of her curves, past her hips, down below between her legs, and then back up again. He knew exactly where to linger longer, and when to move on to some place else.

They both savored the anticipation of what was still to come. They had all the time in the world.

After what seemed like an eternity, Adam separated himself from Samantha and looked at her.

“Will you stay,” he asked her. “Tonight, with me?”

Samantha wanted to. She couldn’t imagine not spending the night now, after that kiss. But to just jump in without a care in the world? Was she ready to let her guard down, allow someone to see her vulnerable, and naked? 

She wasn’t as young as she felt at the moment.

Funny how insecurities can pop up out of nowhere, she pondered.  

Samantha was well aware of her silence. She stared at Adam while he patiently caressed her with his fingers. He wasn’t pressuring her, but he deserved an answer.

You only live once, she reminded herself silently, convincing herself that she already decided she was going to stay. 

Besides, the foreplay’s amazing, she continued deliberating.

Samantha placed her hands on Adam’s face, looked into his eyes and finally spoke. 

“Yes,” she said. “I’ll stay with you.”

Adam must have sensed her hesitation when she took her time responding to his question. He looked at her expectantly before acknowledging her answer.

“I have an idea,” he said after a while. “Let me show you something.”

He took her hand and led her back to the elevator. They stepped into it and descended to the basement.

This time, the elevator opened to an empty hallway. There was a door at the far end toward which they walked, hand in hand.

The sign on the wall beside the door said Members Only.

Adam knew the code to access the room. He punched it in and opened the door. They stepped into what looked like a pool hall. Samantha didn’t smell any chlorine, so she was a little surprised when she saw not only a small, rectangular pool but also a hot tub inside. They wandered in together and stopped in front of the circular-shaped hot tub.

Looking at her reflection in the water, Samantha suddenly realized how tense her back muscles felt. With all that scraping ice and shoveling snow lately, her body felt the physical effects.

She wished she had a swimsuit with her. Or a bikini.

Adam led her past the hot tub and toward the pool. He let go of her hand and knelt down to touch the water with his hand.

“It’s warm,” he said. “No chlorine, either. This is salt water.”

Then he got up and walked toward a table with a stack of towels on it.

Samantha knew many people preferred salt water in pools these days and wished for her suit again. She glanced at Adam, who picked up a towel and wandered back toward her.

Maybe he won’t mind if I skinny dip, she pondered.

Samantha rolled her eyes at herself. Of course he won’t mind have a naked woman in the pool, she thought with a silent chuckle.

Adam returned to where she was standing and handed her the towel in his hand.

“You wanna go for a swim?” he asked her.

Samantha looked at the door behind him. Maybe she can change in there, she thought, assuming it was a bathroom.

“Um… sure,” she responded.

Adam turned to walk toward another door.

“I’ll be right back,” he said. “Take your time.”

Then he was gone.

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