Music Lovers – Chapter 4

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A special song with a message

When Samantha arrived at the concert venue and, with sheer luck of the draw, found a spot to park in, she suddenly felt a little hesitant. 

What am I doing here, she worried.

She didn’t even know where she was going.

She felt her old insecurities crop up again. But she quickly gave herself a pep talk to pull herself out of her funk. 

“You’re here, Adam is expecting you, you’re finally doing something adventurous instead of staying home and focusing on obligations,” she encouraged herself out loud while parking her car.

Samantha pulled herself together. She looked around for signs with directions and finally found a place that looked like a ticket booth. Masses of people were congregating around that area, so Samantha mingled with them and stood in line.

People were excited, chattering in groups while queuing in long line-ups.

At first, Samantha felt a little out-of-place being there by herself. She watched the crowds and smiled at some of the behaviour. People were relaxed and happy to be out on a Saturday night despite the winter weather.

Once she arrived at the booth, Samantha handed the girl her ticket. The girl read the ticket, looked up at Samantha’s face and motioned for her to step to the side. Then she picked up her phone and called someone while inviting the next ticket holders up to her booth.

Samantha did what she was told, and waited.

After a few minutes, two big security guys arrived and asked her to follow them. Samantha glanced at the girl in the booth who gave her an assuring nod, so Samantha figured she could trust the guys in uniform. She looked at the first one who nodded at her so she followed him. The other one walked beside her.

Neither of the men spoke to her.

Samantha felt odd, but obediently walked along. 

As they stepped into a hallway, the security guy in front turned to face her and said: “Adam is expecting you.”

Then he led her through other hallways to a door where he knocked and waited.

When the door opened, Samantha was led inside and suddenly stood in front of Adam again.

“Glad you could make it,” he said, giving her a warm hug and looked past her to see if she brought a companion along. Did he think she would bring a husband maybe, or a friend?

Samantha smiled quietly to herself as she accepted Adam’s hug. She suddenly felt a little naughty, being here all alone, not having said anything to anyone.

The hug feels different this time, she thought. More personal.

His embrace distracted her and she felt something warm and sensuous flood through her body.

When Adam released her, she gazed at him a little more intensely. He was kind of cute, youthful and boyish like he used to be back when he and his band first started out, Samantha recalled. Still blond, too. He didn’t darken as much as some blond people do.

Samantha pulled herself out of her dreamy state.

“Thank you for inviting me,” she said. “I’m looking forward to your concert.”

Adam had to get ready for his performance, so Samantha let herself be led out again by another security guy who took her to an elevated place in the venue reserved for special guests.

Samantha watched the entire show from that spot, along with thousands of fans below.

She was glad she forced herself to accept the invitation. He put on a fantastic show, just like he used to decades ago.

Samantha didn’t think about the end of the concert, but forced her mind to stick to the present. She did not want to worry about how she would get out of the parking lot later, or how long it would take with all the snow falling. She tuned out all her worries and listened to the songs.

You only live once, she reminded herself, and focused on the performance on the stage.

During the concert, Adam stopped every so often to talk to his audience. He seemed relaxed up on that stage, a pro at handling his fans and engaging them. Not a song went by where people didn’t sing along.

Samantha marveled at his confidence. Some people are just natural social creatures, she considered.

At one point however, Samantha realized he started talking about her. Without pointing her out, he told the story of how they met.

“The other day when I was out walking, I crashed into someone,” he said. “Made her fall. I felt really bad. But I invited her to my concert tonight. The next song is dedicated to you, Samantha,” he said into the microphone and glanced toward her.

And then he played a song for her.

Samantha was a little stunned, but also flattered. At the same time, she felt relieved that no one knew who she was. She could feel the audience glancing around the general direction where Adam had looked when he made his dedication, but since she didn’t draw attention to herself, she remained inconspicuous. This suited her just fine.

She sang along with the song quietly, wondering why he picked that particular song. It almost felt like he was sending her a message.

Samantha wondered what he was thinking. She realized she suddenly felt a little flushed.

After the concert was over, the security guy from earlier came back to meet up with her, and she was led back to where she had greeted Adam. He was drinking something when she walked into the room, probably to soothe his vocal cords after all that singing.

“That was an amazing show!” Samantha told him.

Adam smiled at her.

“Did you like your song?” he wanted to know.

“Of course I did.” Samantha responded and approached him to give him a hug. “I loved the song!”

“I’m just gonna finish up here, won’t take long, then we’ll head out,” he said. “Want to come with me?”

Samantha was intrigued and flattered that he wanted her to stick around for a bit.

“Sure,” she said and leaned against the wall while she waited for him to finish up.


When Adam was ready, he took Samantha’s keys and gave them to one his security guys who promised to keep her car safe. Adam invited her back to his hotel suite for a nightcap.

He was staying at a large hotel. A private elevator led them directly into Adam’s suite. They did not have to walk through a hallway first, or look for their numbered door, something Samantha had never experienced before. 

Well, he is famous, she thought, comprehending how important privacy was to him.

When the elevator doors opened, Adam and Samantha stepped into a spacious room with a full wall of windows. To the left was a little open-concept kitchenette, and to the right she could see three doors. Two were closed, but the one to the bathroom was slightly ajar.

There must be two bedrooms in here, Samantha figured out silently and stepped closer to the row of windows. She stood still and looked out, mesmerized by the city lights flooding the room. After a while, Samantha turned around and noticed Adam still standing by the elevator doors, watching her.

She smiled at him as he took steps toward her. His hand reached out to touch hers, and when he pulled her close, she put her arms around his waist. Another hug, but this time, they were alone. There was no one around to watch or yearn for his attention.

He might be famous, Samantha thought. But right now, that doesn’t matter.

They were alone.

“I’m gonna jump in the shower,” Adam said as he released her after a time. “Make yourself at home, help yourself to whatever you want.”

Samantha watched him walk toward the bathroom.

Mmm… she thought. What if I join him in there?

She surprised herself at thinking such forward thoughts.

This isn’t like me, she scolded herself. She shook herself out of her fantasy and wandered into the kitchen.

We just met for god’s sake, she reminded herself when she arrived in front of the fridge.

And yet, there she was, in his hotel suite 24 hours after they met. Samantha rolled her eyes at herself.

She heard the shower start as she opened the fridge. There was some sparkling water, which she poured into a glass. Then, she wandered back to the row of windows and looked out.

The city below her bustled with the usual Saturday night life. Everyone had things to do, people to see, places to go. Samantha sipped her water and emptied her head. 

It’s nice to be out on a Saturday night, she reminded herself.

The last time she and Tim had plans on a weekend was for his birthday a year before they separated. He wanted to check out a restaurant that featured grilled meats and included a selection of game. She wasn’t crazy about venison, but she knew there would be other options on the menu. She remembered dressing for the occasion, wearing high-heeled boots, which ended up being a mistake. In order to save a few bucks, Tim searched for a parking spot on a side street rather than choosing the lot near the restaurant. This required her to walk quite a distance. Theoretically, she didn’t mind walking, but she didn’t expect having to navigate several side streets in heels until they reached the main road where the restaurant was located. 

The meal was really nice, and Samantha recalled how happy Tim was that he got to sample a new menu. They ended up talking about work and kids, and although the evening was pleasant, she didn’t really feel very romantic or special. Which was ironic since it was Tim’s birthday, not hers. She tried to make things special for him, but her heart wasn’t really in it. Was that the moment she realized their future was finite? In hindsight, she could clearly see that the end was near.

Did they have sex later, when they got home? She tried to remember if he wanted to, but usually after a big meal, Tim preferred to decompress with a show on tv, not sex requiring all sorts of foreplay on her. If she recalled correctly now, she thought they may have had morning sex the next day. They did not have a compatible sleep routine; Samantha preferred early nights and waking up with the sunrise, whereas Tim was more of a night owl and liked to sleep in the next day. This incompatibility didn’t permit for an active sex life, exactly…

Samantha forced herself out of her pessimistic reflections. She was here in Adam’s suite and was looking forward to getting to know him better. This really wasn’t the time or place to be pining over what went wrong with her marriage.

She picked up her glass again and continued sipping while gazing out into the night.

After a while, she felt a presence behind her. She turned and saw Adam, freshly showered, walking slowly toward her. He wore jeans and a black T-shirt, and nothing else that she could see.

“I feel better now,” he said.

Adam saw her glass and went into the kitchen to get himself the same. He joined her by the windows and looked out at the city below.

“I’m really glad you could come tonight,” he said, turning to face her. “Despite how we met. I really felt bad about making you fall the other day.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Samantha told him. “I wasn’t really looking where I was going either. Winter weather isn’t really the best time to wander the streets.”

They smiled at each other at the reference. Winter could sometimes last for six months in this country.

“I can’t talk much, I gotta rest my voice, so don’t be alarmed, it’s not personal,” he continued to explain.

Samantha reached out to touch his face.

“We don’t have to talk at all,” she said and moved closer toward him.

To be continued – Chapter 5

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