Midlife health and digestion

A wonderful author, blogger, and online friend named K E Garland has created a platform called Navigating the Change, a guide for the menopausal journey.

It is, as you can probably tell, targeted specifically to women in midlife. Kathy invited me to participate in the portal and write something, so I did.

However, believe it or not, men drop by and read or comment on some of the articles.

How do I know this?

Well, a man dropped a comment on my article.

The article I posted to Kathy’s website is called Digestive Health in Midlife, which does not differentiate between menopausal women and midlife men – it’s open-ended, targeted at all who are in midlife.

I linked to another article which I published on Medium to dig deeper on the topic of digestion in midlife; the Medium article explains, in laymen terms, the difference between digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Both of these supplements have made a huge difference in my gut health, if I may be so bold. This is coming from a person (me) who did not grow up with supplements. None, not even a multivitamin gummy. But midlife is a whole other ballgame, as we all know, so I did some research, visited a naturopath doctor who focused on optimal health by nutrition, and changed my diet and mentality.

As a result, not only has my digestion improved, I have an easier time navigating the emotional and mental upheavals created by hormonal fluctuations at a time when I still (!) struggle with perimenopausal symptoms.

Example: the cravings I used to have for sugar and white flour products has significantly reduced since paying attention to my digestive health. Until my period made an uninvited reappearance out of the blue which had me wolf down an entire bar of mint dark chocolate. šŸ™„

Clearly I’m not in menopause yet.

They say the onset of official menopause begins after 12 consecutive months of not having a period. Well, I guess I’m back to square one of another full calendar year of cautiously optimistic hope.


The point is, my article, although featured on a menopause website, is helpful to other, non-menopausal people, such as Michael who dropped a comment, and who is the author of a blog called Naked Thoughts.

Anyway, I wanted to direct your attention to Kathy’s website on this topic. She’s also on social media if you want to have a look around there… and for some of you, you will recognize other contributing writers, people who drop by my blog here, as well.

Meanwhile, I want to extend a thank you to Kathy for inviting me to participate, and I look forward to doing it again soon.

3 thoughts on “Midlife health and digestion

    1. Thank you very much for saying this. We believe in integrated medicine and have found that the naturopath doctors we frequent have a very in-depth understanding of how the body works by taking the holistic approach rather than just looking at the isolated issue at hand. It has made a world of difference how we view optimal health.

      We, my family and I, are not choosing one type of medical care over the other, we combine both. It’s unfortunate that more people don’t see it that way but it is also encouraging to see that attempts are made to educate the public in this direction.

      Good luck with your studies! And thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my article. šŸ™‚

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