Tarot Tuesday – Scorpio season

My dad was born on November 5, 1937 which made him a Scorpio.

I don’t think my dad knew much about astrology or zodiac signs.

In my immediate family each member is a different zodiac sign. My mom is a Taurus, my sister an Aries and my brother a Sagittarius.

I’m a Libra. Just last week the traits of Libras came out so strong that I was taken a little aback – it had to do with a last minute change about a kid’s schedule and an option to execute either Plan A or Plan B.

OMG people, I cannot make a decision for the life of me! I kept weighing the pros and cons of each scenario, ultimately reaching a decision that was for the greater good of all parties involved, only to feel guilty for not having picked the other scenario, which sent me back to agonizing over the choices at hand. Good grief.

I am telling you, ever since I started listening to tarot readers online, and specifically for Libras, I have come across this phenomenon of indecision, overthinking and seeking perfect balance and harmony at all cost as a prominent characteristic of many Libras.

This trait annoys my Pisces kid tremendously, who, incidentally, is the only non-Libra in my own family. My daughter and the kids’ dad are both Libras also, making my son the only one with a different zodiac sign.

But this post is about Scorpios, in honour of my father.

What is Scorpio season?

This post may not be about tarot cards specifically, but it is related to the tarot which is closely connected to astrology and the zodiac.

Keep in mind I am not an expert, but simply sharing my learning journey with you here on my blog.


On October 23 the sun moves out of Libra into Scorpio and stays in this eighth house of the zodiac until November 21 at which point Sagittarius season will begin.


Scorpio is a water sign (emotions, feelings) and is accompanied by Pisces and Cancer.


Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, a planet power, death and rebirth.

Tarot card

Scorpio’s tarot card is the Death, which I have talked about before. It’s important to remember that the Death card in tarot does not necessarily mean an actual death of a person or a pet, but is more closely associated with cyclical deaths in life. Is an important cycle ending in your life journey? If this is so, you could say that chapter in your life has died and in its place a new chapter has an opportunity to begin now (rebirth).

Let us focus this season on regenerative powers and positive transformation in order to propel us forward into the next chapter of our life journey.


Scorpios are intense and intuitive, although when I think about my father’s traits, I would be challenged on the latter description. My father was definitely an intense person and felt feelings and emotions very deeply, which often lead to outbursts and (extreme) stubbornness. This pays tribute to the water element which is what Scorpio belongs to. But to call my father intuitive would not be something I could say with conviction; instead, my own feeling is that he was unaware of his ability to tune into his intuition. I understand this on some level because until recently (this past year) I was unaware of the importance of intuition in my own life.

I have learned, partly through my tarot journey, to trust my instincts by tapping into my intuition, which took time and a lot of internal reflection.

Just think of the numbers and phrases that have been following me recently – I am aware of some signs the universe is imparting on me, which makes me pay attention to my surroundings and relationships a little closer. You can read about my number sequences or the phrase that had me a bit unsettled if you’re interested in more on this topic.

Another perspective is to look at stubbornness as fierce determination to see things through. This is definitely a trait I recall of my father, who rarely allowed external (and possibly internal) obstacles to stand in his way of getting what he wanted. This sometimes affected the family dynamic in a disruptive way, which is why I’m saying, he’s had a fierce determination to see things through.

How does Scorpio season affect other signs in the zodiac?

Throughout my research I discovered repetitive words that describe the next few weeks of Scorpio season for all of us: intense, moody, transformative, focused, driven, passionate.

Apparently we are to brace ourselves for some intense awakenings in the coming weeks. Don’t be surprised if some repressed energies appear and shake things up.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to learn more about my tarot card journey, click on my tarot tab on my website. Thank you for stopping by and, as always, see you in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – Scorpio season

  1. Hi, my dad is Scorpio too and a lot of what you said rings so true. I wouldn’t say that my dad is intuitive either! But yes he is determined and always finishes something he has started no matter what. Your post put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.


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