Lessons learned: WordPress Premium Content (locked behind a paywall)

I changed the wording in my locked Premium Content by removing the word subscribe. It caused confusion, as was remarked by both Matt and Ashley. (Thank you for pointing it out to me.)

Here’s the thing about Premium Content. The block comes pre-designed (by WordPress) and I simply assumed it had to remain as is.

Not so.

If you desire to lock some of your content and put it behind a paywall in WP, you can do this by changing all aspects of the block, including the button that says ‘subscribe’.

To most people, subscribe means you are now able to access all content. Except, in my case, I chose a ‘one-time’ option which WP is not communicating very clearly. I did not want to do a monthly subscription service and only wanted to lock up certain parts of my story behind the paywall. The word subscribe was misleading as readers assumed they would now get access to all locked content (of which there isn’t much…) which was not my intention.

So today I played around with the Premium Content block and figured out I could change the wording to suit my needs, including in the button itself.

I removed the word subscribe. 🙂

My intention with Music Lovers was to lock up some, but not all of the story.

Mostly, I locked up the sex. 😛

Note: this story it not kinky and the language is not crude, crass or offensive. I have been told my method of describing sexual scenes is highly arousing for the reader but I’ll let you be the judge of that yourself. (Enjoy) 😉

The wording for the locked content button is now changed to this:

Anyway, this is how I’m going to address the paywall on WP going forward, for the remainder of November.

If you enjoy my story Music Lovers but are uncomfortable with sexually descriptive scenes, feel free to continue reading, they’re all hidden behind the paywall.

If you want to read the sexually descriptive scenes but don’t want to pay for privacy reasons, you have my word I will not advertise who has paid the fee to read the locked content. It’s no one’s business and I have no intention of conducting myself unprofessionally.

Be aware however that I will probably turn this story into an ebook in 2022 just like I did with The Man from the South.

Another note: I will change the author of The Man from the South from my pen name Cassandra Lincoln into my own name in 2022 and re-price it, so if you want to get the much more economical copy, now would be be time since it’s only $2.99. It’s available at Smashwords (where I self-published it), Amazon Kindle USA and Canada, Barns&Noble and Kobo. Click here if you want to buy it.

Disclaimer: the characters in The Man from the South have a romantic element to their relationship, although the two main characters are not involved in that way. There is a third character who is not part of the kink scenes; there’s a sub-plot which I will be developing in the sequel. Intrigued? Let me know what you think of my first book by leaving me a review. And don’t worry, it’s very soft core… softer than the 50 Shades trilogy. Much softer but with a little bit of a naughty edge in bdsm. (Key word here is little…)

But back to Music Lovers. I have worked a lot on this story and am still redeveloping, adding chapters and changing things. Some of you had the priviledge of reading this story when I first wrote it, but I will attest that the story has a much different tone today than it did two years ago. I’m interesting in feedback, so please don’t be shy and let me know if you like the story, the characters, and the direction it’s taking. And be ready for a surprise…

Happy reading!

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