Driving on the HOV lanes

There are some new(ish) lanes on our highways called HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) which were designed to ease some gridlock.

I rarely use them because typically I don’t travel during rush hour.

The other day however I was with an occupant in the passenger seat and picked the HOV lane which was much less busy than the other three regular lanes.

As I merged over and began to speed up, some asshole came right up my ass and flashed his high beams.

How is this helpful?

I sped up to 10 km/h above the limit (to 110 km/h) and cruised along but he wouldn’t budge. Kept flashing those irritating lights inches behind me.

I couldn’t merge over because of the solid line, and also because of the heavy bumper to bumper traffic next to me.

There was really no reason for him to act this way; I wasn’t blocking the flow of traffic in my lane given my speed.

But you know how it is with assholes: an asshole is an asshole what with his self-important mentality.

Finally, the painted line on the pavement allowed for passing in a gap of traffic and so I let him pass.

I saw him speed 40 klicks over the limit past me all in a big fat hurry and inch right up the next victim’s ass up ahead.

Seriously, it’s these idiots who cause accidents, injuries and road rage.


13 thoughts on “Driving on the HOV lanes

  1. 65mph or 105kmh is the speed limit in California. Most people cruise at 70 or 75 (115-120). We get jerks doing 80-85+ (130-140) all the time.

    When people ride my ass like that, I slow down on purpose. Just ease my foot off the gas🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Yeah, I thought about slowing down to piss him off but these days I don’t want to get hit or shot at… the illegal gun problem in Toronto is out of control. Trust me, it was better to avoid an accident or in-person road rage by some crazy asshole. Blah.

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  2. We have a reporting phone line for idiots like that down here. At least that puts the highway patrols on the lookout for these people, especially the more they are reported. Just maybe they can stop them before they kill someone.

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