Shopping among teenagers

Earlier today I popped into the drug store/pharmacy to pick up a lotion to treat a spot of eczema when I noticed a pack of teenage boys hanging around.

The drug store is located in a mall which isn’t a mall anymore – all the stores are closed now. They’re going to turn it into condos or something… But the drug store and grocery store remain in their original location at the west end of the mall, which is 5 minutes from my mom’s house.

Since my old high school is within walking distance to this mall, it’s no surprise the teenagers wander over there on their lunch period.

When I entered the mall I passed by two groups of mostly boys, all of whom were chewing on junk food. Surprise! 🙄

Once I entered the drug store, I walked over to the lotion section which was near cosmetics. They didn’t have what I was looking for so I strolled over to the baby section. Sometimes a diaper rash cream, fortified with zinc, works better on itchy spots than other medicated lotions I’ve tried.

I saw a product I liked, but it wasn’t on sale. I dislike paying retail for anything, so I made a mental note of the product and continued my search in another aisle. This one had medicated lotions, insect bite relief and roseaca treatments. I thought maybe the had something eczema related there as well.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

The medicated lotion was adjacent to the condom and lube section.

Remember the teen boys I saw earlier munching on junk? Two of them were standing in front of the condoms, each with a package in their hands.

To be honest, I briefly hesitated if I should give them privacy and wait till they were gone. God only knows what they were looking for, probably something in XL. 😂

I stared at some cold medication and supplements for a while, but they didn’t leave. Finally I just said fuck it and went to my section.

I could feel them looking at me. Did I remind them of their mom? I mean, I’m a mom of a teenage boy… 😳

I turned my back to them as I read the back of my packages until they left. Turns out it was a waste of time anyway; they didn’t have what I was looking for in that aisle, either

So I went back to get the zinc-infused diaper relief cream and stood in line to pay.

This particular store is old, and it doesn’t have a self checkout.

While I stood and waited for my turn, I saw those same two boys hovering just past the checkout register. They looked past, and over me which I thought was weird. I realized after a while they were looking at the condom aisle, probably checking to see if it was free of mom-like individuals. 😎

I wonder if they bought some…. 😛

Thank you for reading about another day in paradise. 🙃

15 thoughts on “Shopping among teenagers

  1. See… I would’ve thought they were going for the “5 finger discount”.
    Condoms weren’t a “thing” in my peer group or even around my school. I never heard about them, and in fact, never used one until after Daughter was born. I did what all my friends did and went to Planned Parenthood and got on the pill.

    This was early-mid 80s… pre HIV epidemic
    My fun would’ve seriously been affected if I had to use condoms… I’m latex sensitive. Luckily I was with my then husband when I made the discovery and we ditched the thing.

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